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Monday, August 18, 2014

Don Dirk & Wallace Gator Bradley: PEACE IN CHICAGO!


Chicago Churches GIVING BACK!

On August 16, 2014 I was blessed to attend two different Back To School Events for children on the West Side of Chicago. Both events was filled with power, prayer, food, children and an amazing time...My first stop was? 

There's me on the far right. Since I represent 
Sigma Pi Phi these two Alphas made me cover 
my arm. LOL! The gentlemen on the far left 
is Albert D. Tyson III he is Presiding Elder of the 
North Chicago District African Methodist Episcopal 
Church. The man in the middle is Mr. Howard, 
he's a member of St. Stephens AME Church. He's 
also a lawyer and scholar. I was able to pick his brain 
as it relates to various topics. This was my 1st stop. 

There's me again in the middle of my good friends 
Elder Glen Richardson and his lovely wife my 
former Sunday School Teacher L. Renee Richardson.
Had a blast seeing these two, they did a wonderful 
job hosting and overseeing their EXTRAVAGANZA
at the historic Christ Temple Church. WOW, what 
an amazing weekend it was! 

There were many other churches giving away FREE school supplies in various neighborhoods and communities across Chicago. Often times we hear of violence in Chicago, however, there are many churches, groups and organizations doing wonderful things in Chicago so be sure to join one and be apart of the solution! 

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Negro League (BASEBALL) Chicago Legend

(Left to Right) Ray "Boo Boy" Knox and Jim Allen

The man I'm standing next to is a legend. His name is Ray "Boo Boy" Knox, he's 82 years old. He played baseball in the Negro League for the Chicago American Giants and the New Orleans Eagles. He was a Catcher. The Negro League had nearly 70 teams at that time the Major League had only 16 teams. Also, 6 White men and 3 Black women played in the Negro League. Know your history, be proud to be part of a Race that has overcame amazing odds. Been knowing Mr. Knox for 5 years, what an AMAZING guy of manhood!

If you desire for Ray "Boo Boy" Knox to speak at your engagement please contact him at:

Ray "Boo Boy" Knox 
P.O. BOX A3738
Chicago, IL 60690-3738
CELL: 312/859.7788 
FAX: 208/247.0934 

CIA, FBI, KKK, (MEDDLING) in Ferguson?

Many are wondering does the CIA, FBI, KKK, and Ferguson Police Department have implanted, paid agitators in the crowds during the protests in Ferguson, MO? This isn't only about Michael Brown, but about Blacks across the Country being murdered in cold blood by White cops. Of course not all White cops are racist and/or have the intent to kill unarmed Black men; however, as more Black boys and men end up dead by the hands of White cops it's starting to resemble the 1960's!

Its interesting because the Department of Justice asked the Ferguson Police Department not to release the video of Michael Brown in the gas station of what appeared to be him leaving out the store without paying for a few dollar items...nonetheless, the Ferguson Police Department basically said FUCK the Department Of Justice and released the video at the same time they released the name of the officer who killed Michael Brown for walking in the middle of the street in hopes the store video would somehow suggest Michael Brown deserved to die.

The Black President of the United States of America nor his Black Attorney General gets no respect from these racists Tea Part Confederate officers and political figures here in America! This isn't anything new...for years Hip Hop has told stories of police brutality!

I've always wondered why in America we never hear of Black cops killing unarmed White kids? Is it because Black cops are better trained or is it because there's a lot of White cops on the force who are racist and allow their personal feelings to thwart their judgement when engaged with unarmed Black folks? Or maybe White cops shouldn't patrol Black neighborhoods and communities?

" a Black man I refuse to walk in fear,
I also refuse to walk in hate!" 

Given the history of law enforcement as it relates to Blacks/Africans in America I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA, FBI, KKK, and Ferguson Police Department have planted and paid agitators in Ferguson, Missouri to cause confusion! Remember, COINTELPRO! Click below LINK:


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Has Obama FAILED the Black Race?

As of right now President Barack Obama hasn't done anything specific for the advancement of the Black man in North America besides the notion a Colored can one day be President and we all know that wont be in the near future after his term expires. Obama has proudly championed the cause of Gays, Immigration and Universal Health Care all of which do not directly target a segment that has been legally, socially, economically, and politically marginalized in the United States of America for hundreds of years.

If Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., better yet if W.E.B. DuBois was alive I think they'd give Obama an (A) for style and appearance, but a (F) for actually aiding and assisting Black pain. Look around the Country...young Black men are being gunned down and killed and the President nor his Attorney General seems to be on top of this volatile time in Black history.

Violence in Chicago, the President's home town is completely out of control meanwhile the President responds by raising funds for an initiative called My Brother's Keeper only to find out those funds (half a billion dollars) the majority of it will be going to the University of Chicago where the President taught Constitutional Law. But why the University of Chicago, why should they be the recipient of the bulk of funds privately raised for at-risk Black boys? Is it because the University of Chicago will be home to the Presidential library of Barack Obama? Doubt it not!

A recent study from the University of Chicago claims
"...there has been little to no progress for Black men in
America over the past 45 years..." 

Raising funds for poor, at-risk Black children is the new hustle. Governor Pat Quinn basically gave 54 million dollars to various programs in Chicago to fight gang violence. The results? F as an failure! The Governor has no clue where the money went, who spent what, and what programs were actually ran. There could be someone who built themselves a house from the ground with that money and the Governor wouldn't know! Please click LINK:

Recently 1st Lady Michele Obama was in Chicago speaking on the Gold Coast to the Democratic National Committee. Within her speech she spoke about violence in Chicago and asked if those in attendance would financially support efforts to stop violence in Chicago. She asked donors to "dig deep" as it realates to filling the offering pan with money that most likely will not go to violence in Chicago nor will directly impact Black youth dying on a daily basis! Please click LINK:
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the President and 1st Lady aren't sincere. I'm saying the people whom "they" turn monies over too - to use as a resource to implement programs for poor, at-risk Black youth doesn't give a damn about the youth they claim to fight for! Elite, rich, well educated and initiated Blacks in Chicago don't give a rat's ass about what's happening in Austin, Roseland, Garfield Park, Auburn Greshem, Lawndale, Grand Crossing, ETC! This isn't nothing new, this type of mentality has existed since the PLAN-tation. The house slaves always trick and deceive the field slaves.

"As of right now... 
President Lyndon Baines Johnson 
has done more for the progression of Blacks 
in America than President Barack Obama"
- Min. Jim Allen

Jay Z and Mrs. Carter at the White House

Nevertheless, in Illinois there are some sincere White folks who actually care about Black suffering and they actually think when they give funds, monies, etc., to Black leaders those leaders are helping their people. Wrong answer my friends! That's not the case at all the suffering and pain of poor children in the ghetto has become a ways and means to raise funds for a cause that isn't gonna be funded in the 1st place. It's the new American hustle of fundraising!

Black folks voted for Barack Obama some 90% and to receive nothing in return is a slap in the face. I'm not sure how history will judge President Obama relative to the Black Race in America, sure he's the President of all of the United States of America but to have done nothing so far besides talked down about Black folks until Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., checked him is really unfortunate and disappointing. Please click LINK:

Since Barack Obama became President, Black leadership (Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton, Dr. Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Marc Morial, Michael Eric Dyson, etc) has suffered and is divided relative to the President's agenda on Black America. Since this horrendous division we will probably NEVER see such a Civil Rights icon Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., sitting in the White House with President Barack Obama simply because Rev. Jackson used his freedom of speech of what he perceived at the time; however, a man who raps about bitches and hoes for a living was at the White House chilling in the famous "Situation Room" how backwards is that?

President Barack Hussein Obama remains a myth, a social phenomenon, a great image, a dream for the Black man in America...sadly to say that's not enough.

jim allen

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10,000 Church Envelopes: ONLY $399

Be sure to get your church envelopes from Mahogany Graphics (MBE) in Chicago. 10,000 church envelopes for only $399! BEST PRICE IN TOWN! We offer other quantities as well. 






Mahogany Graphics
5623 W. Madison Street 
Chicago, IL 60644

Monday, August 11, 2014

Black Media & the ATTACK on Bruce Rauner

The race for Governor of Illinois is increasing by unprecedented, record breaking numbers relative to fundraising, mud slinging and commercial ads. Black folks in Illinois and especially Chicago are being dumb down to think they must vote for a Democrat at all cost. Behind this dumbing down is Black media pundits on social media and on Black radio. The support for Governor Pat Quinn by Black media pundits is unfair and unconstitutional.

Black people are being misled as it relates to Bruce Rauner as a person and politician. Black folks are being told by Black radio personalities not to vote for Bruce Rauner with no reasons why besides the fact he's a republican. The Democratic Machine in Illinois and Chicago has paid and bought Black media and uses it as a conduit to disseminate unfair innuendos about Bruce Rauner.

Most Blacks in Illinois have no clue Mr. Rauner graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dartmouth with a degree in economics. Most Blacks don't know Mr. Rauner has an MBA from Harvard University. Don't know Mr. Rauner was named "2008 Philanthropist of the Year" by the Chicago Association of Fundraising Professionals. Financial supporter: Chicago Red Cross Regional Headquarters, YMCA in Little Village, Six New Charter High Schools and recently pledged a million dollars to a struggling Black/African American South Side of Chicago Credit Union.

However, Mr. Rauner is being called an insensitive billionaire whose gonna destroy the Black community. FALSE! Its really unfortunate that in America one can be stigmatized for playing by the rules, going to college, working hard and making a success out of themselves. Currently the State of Illinois is in serious debt, and so is Chicago. In Chicago over 40 schools were closed by a Democrat. The State of Illinois is viewed as one of the most corrupt States in the Union, the State of Illinois (House, Senate, Secretary of State) is ran by Democrats.

"...the strategy of painting Bruce Rauner as 
a rich, republican white guy who is gonna 
take away gay rights and eliminate Black 
social programs is disingenuous and dangerous!"

At the end of the day Blacks in Illinois need to know the facts about both candidates. I'm humbly asking Black radio personalities on WVON1690AM to fairly report news on Governor Pat Quinn and candidate Bruce Rauner. The Black community deserves to know the truth about Mr. Rauner and his record! We can't afford to keep electing people simply because they are Democrats...that's ignorant and voter discrimination!

(Disclaimer) this post isn't insinuating the management of WVON1690AM is discriminating thwarts Bruce Rauner; however, most of the radio personalities are.

Jim Allen