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Thursday, September 25, 2014

What Do Women Want?


What do women want? I have no clue. After over 14 years of marriage that ended in divorce I still have no clue exactly what women want? Sure...I know what women need, but I have no pinpoint clue what they actually want just as most men I know whether from the gritty streets to the downtown suites have a clue what women want? Laugh out loud.

This doesn't mean men do not care what women want, it means men simply don't know what women want. Our parents teach us as little boys to be a provider and protector but those are things women need; however, the question is what do women want? What makes a woman happy and satisfied in her life and/or relationship? 

"...what do women need emotionally, financially, 
spiritually, sexually, mentally, and socially?" 

Find out by attending our panel discussion titled "What Do Women Want?" Be sure to invite your family and friends. Below are pictures of our Panelists and Host.

Ebony Welch:
Public Speaker and Activist,
 Project PINK,
Southern Illinois University.  

Jerelyn Porch:
Poetess and Public Speaker,
Cocktails and Conversations,
Alpha Kappa Alpha, INC.,
Elmhurst College,

Janella Curtis:
Public Speaker and Politician
Chicago State University,
Candidate for Alderman 21st Ward,
Community Outreach Coordinator and 
Chair of the LSC at Paul Cuffee Elementary School.

Sylvia Snowden:
Public Speaker and Correspondent, 
Six Brown Chicks,
Alpha Kappa Alpha, INC.,
University of Missouri-Columbia.

Hosted By: 
Jim Allen Minister and Activist,
Freemason and Eastern Star,
Rainbow Push Coalition, 
Next Generation Leadership Council,
Tha Movement University,
Emerging Leaders Commission,
Manhood University,
Sigma Pi Phi,
East-West University.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Manhood University TAKES Illinois!

Wendell Mosby, Min. Jim Allen, Marseil Jackson

We had an awesome time at our Manhood University event held on September 20, 2014! Wanna thank Brother Marseil Jackson and Brother Wendell Mosby for electrifying the crowd and delivering an amazing word of inspiration! 

Join us at our next event October 4, 2014 at 10am / 5130 W. 25th St., in Cicero, IL we're having a panel discussion titled "What Do Women Want?" You don't wanna miss it! Be sure to click all photos for a better view! 

Brother Wendell Mosby 

Brother Marseil Jackson 

Min. Jim Allen and Brother Marseil Jackson

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Keep Up w/ Jim Allen

the MINISTER doing work.
"follow the MINISTER 
on all his social media sites!"



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Monday, September 8, 2014

Manhood University IL

As a FAITH BASED INITIATIVE our purpose is to mentor young men and assist in repairing broken men through lessons and precepts that are Biblical. 

"Please bring your business cards, brochures, fliers, etc., 
we will be networking as well. Hope to see ya' there!"

We are raising a generation of quality men who marry and lead families, men who will serve in their churches, communities, and country. We meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 11am (5130 W. 25th ST., in Cicero, IL). Membership is FREE! Women and children are welcome to join our meetings as well. 


Please click below LINK:

Monday, August 25, 2014

The DECEPTION of Minister Louis Farrakhan!

I wanna get right to the meat and potatoes of this post...simply put, the message of Minister Louis Farrakhan relative to the Masonic Order and the beautiful science of Freemasonry is false and disingenuous! The Minister has made many claims down through the years but his latest claims about the Masonic Order and Freemasonry are disgusting and nonfactual!

"brother, the Masonic Order supported you 
at the million man march only for you 
to spread lies, hatred and dissension 
about our Order! We will NEVER 
support you again!"

The Masonic Organization of Community Activism is asking Minister Farrakhan to remove all YouTube messages concerning the Masonic Order! The Minster is purposely deceiving thousands as he attempts to connect the Masonic Order with an invisible non-existent group called the Illuminati! Farrakhan is inciting hatred thwarts the Masonic Order with his words, the same hatred and atmosphere he created that led to the assassination of Malcolm X! Please click below LINKS:

Minister Farrakhan speaks to the hatred of Black America! His message to the Black man is deeply rooted in hatred and false Islamic doctrine! Minister Farrakhan and his silly prophecies of America falling is comic book reading at best. Why don't the Minister take his pseudo Muslim group to another Country? Oh, he knows other Islamic Countries won't allow his fake brand of Islam to exist within their realms! Minister Farrakhan is currently using the unfortunate murder of Michael Brown as fuel to spew venom and hate to Black men thus causing more violence and rioting!

"...keep the Masonic Order 
out your mouth!" 

I respect the Minister as a Black man, but I disagree with his deception relative to the Masonic Order and Freemasonry. See for yourself, click this LINK: the Minister knows fully well these are lies he's telling but he rather fuel hatred and deception of Freemasonry being linked to the Illuminati! No Freemason should follow Minister Louis Farrakhan! No real Muslim should follow any organization that teaches White people were created by a dissident scientist! How stupid and racist is that?!

Why don't Farrakhan and his group of crazies go fight with Hamas and ISIS if he's that passionate about America falling to some radical fanatic group of terrorists?! Dear Minister, why don't you use your freedom of speech to truly help Black men by teaching them the truth and not lies about an organization that continues to benefit humanity with it's hospitals, schools and benevolent programs for all rather Masonic or not! Read the below silliness preached by Minister Louis Farrakhan! Click below LINK:

Sir you are defecating on great Masonic brothers such as Prince Hall and others when you tell lies and reveal false secrets of the science of Freemasonry! An outright shame and disgrace to Masons and would be masons the world over! Total hypocrisy and clandestine false knowledge you're giving!

"In this sensitive hour of unrest around the world 
with radical groups like ISIS and with Black men 
in the shape they're in the last thing we need is someone
using this moment to spread HATE and lies!"

 Jim Allen,
Grand President of the
Masonic Organization of Community Activism

Thursday, August 21, 2014

DESTROY ISIS in the United Kingdom!

James Foley murdered by a British religious
fanatic of ISIS! 

We now know the man who beheaded American journalist James Foley is a British radical Muslim who goes by the name John! The British government has authenticated this animal and know exactly who he is. Tha Movement University is demanding the British government to DESTROY the idiotic pseudo Muslim sect known as ISIS within its 16 realms and beyond!

"...if you live in the United Kingdom and you 
see or hear anyone talking about joining ISIS 
or any radical jihad groups please contact 
the police and your government officials! 
ISIS is a threat to FREEDOM OF 


From July 22, 2014 to August 20, 2014 more than 100 views of this site Tha Movement University came from the United Kingdom. We're asking all in the United Kingdom to report all members of ISIS to your local government officials and police! This cruel and demonic organization must be stopped! We're also being told ISIS is attempting to unite with Mexican drug lords, if that's the case they might as well prepare to die because the great giant America has awoken and she shall stomp her enemies and grind them to dust!

"We're also asking all gangs in the United Kingdom
and in America to NOT became sympathizers of ISIS!" 

To you young Brits and those in the United come from a rich history of Kings and Queens why debase yourselves by joining radical animals and rapists who cloak themselves under the disguise of a religion that promotes peace?! You're better than that, don't disgrace your family by converting to any jihad, radical, murderous group claiming to do the work of GOD, JEHOVAH or ALLAH! If so you will eventually die and burn in hell with Hitler and all those who kill innocents! PLEASE CLICK BELOW LINK:

Jim Allen