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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Vineyard Chicago

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

CHICAGO: Who Killed Amari Brown?

Amari Brown was a 7 year old child who was killed on July 4th in Chicago. He was spending time with his father enjoying the holiday when a drive-by shooter opened fire hitting Amari. According to Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy "Amari wasn't the intended target, that bullet was meant for his high ranking gang affiliated father!" 

Oh really Mr. Superintendent, 
and how do you know that? 

Here's why I disagree with the superintendent's assessment. If the bullet was meant for Antonio Brown (the father of Amari Brown) there's no way the father would be posting his whereabouts on social media, there's also no way he would have had his son out at midnight if he knew he was marked for death. In fact he would of seen his son in the afternoon or took him to see fireworks at Navy Pier rather then have him in the hood around (supposed) danger. He had his son in the hood because he didn't know his life or the life of his son was in danger. Also it's not a crime or against the law to have your child outside with you pass midnight! 

"There's no way the media or the superintendent can convince me Antonio Brown knew his life was in danger and was around his family while posting his whereabouts on social media the night this tragic event happened! We may not all have college degrees, but we're not that stupid so please don't insult our intelligence!" 

The superintendent fails to understand the possibility the bullet could of been meant for someone else instead of Antonio Brown. Someone else in the crowd could of did something prior to the shooting and the drive-by shooter was aiming at that person and not Antonio Brown or his son. 

It's odd how quick the media tried to paint a picture of Antonio Brown as a super thug when in fact he was a superhero to his children. I'm not saying his life is perfect, but at least he was and remains a stand-up man and great father to his kids. If you go to Antonio Brown's Instagram page you'll see all kinds of pictures of him with his children. Click this link: 

Nevertheless the media only wants to show you images of Antonio Brown with money and marijuana; however, when the State sells marijuana isn't practically legal, right? But when those in the hood smoke or sell marijuana its lock em' up time huh? Either it's right or wrong rather the State sells it or the people sell it. Rather you call it cush or medical marijuana its basically the same thing! Rather you sell marijuana or loose cigarettes doesn't make you some evil person bent on destroying society. 

"Floyd Mayweather  flashes his money all the time after beating someone to a bloody pulp, is he a thug as well? Of course not! It's just a hip-hop thing!"  

To the media and the Chicago police superintendent: Do you understand the dynamics of the black man growing up in the hood? This is Sparta times 10! Very few make it out alive! No jobs, no opportunities, dreams deferred. Yet plenty dope to sell....hmmm, wonder where all this dope coming from? Who's allowing it to flow in the hood as a trap to continue to lock up black men as they work for Fortune 500 companies in prison only making $0.25 - $0.75 an hour? Amari Brown's father did the best he could with the hand he was dealt in a PLANtation scheme to ensnare the black man in urban ghettos of America! 

I fully understand Antonio Brown has a long rap sheet which only means his immediate family, community and system that was supposed to reform him utterly failed him. If you take a deep look at Antonio Brown he's not proud to be a thug. He prides himself on being a provider and great dad which is why he flashes his money. You'll see a man loved by his friends. You'll see a father at the movies with his kids. You'll see a man at the Chicago Blackhawks celebration the night they won surrounded by fellow Chicagoans. 

At the end of the day every black man in urban America is Antonio Brown. The only difference is some of us get caught up in the system and some of us don't. My prayer has been for Antonio Brown, his family and friends. May he find peace. May he continue to let the legacy of Amari Brown live. May Antonio Brown remain a great father. PUT THE GUNS DOWN! STOP THE VIOLENCE. SAVE THE BABIES! 

Written By:
Pastor Jim Allen 
Vineyard Chicago 

Vineyard Ministries Chicago

Vineyard Ministries is a newly launched ministry in Chicago. Our focus and goal is reaching drug dealers, gang bangers, pimps, prostitutes, and the hurting with a message of hope. We firmly believe if a person's mind change their outlook on life and their situation will change. We are an out the box ministry looking to do some amazing things. We're humbly asking all to donate $5 or more. Your support helps defray the cost of weekly programs and services. Thank you soooooo much! Please click the below link:

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Boaz and Ruth LOVE in 2015

It's important we understand Boaz accepted Ruth where she (was) in life not where he thought she should be. I'm sure there were plenty women more beautiful and successful then Ruth relative to material gain, but Boaz wasn't concerned with that. Success isn't totally based on degrees, accolades and riches. Success is based on your level of happiness within your situation no matter where you are in life.

Oftentimes we miss our blessing because we're looking at the physical alone. We must look at both physical and spiritual. We must be equally yoked: Mentally, sexually, spiritually, educationally, and somewhat financially. It's important to select what you like yet your selection should be more than just physical or material.

Anyone can get married, the challenge is staying married. The challenge is staying romantic. The challenge is staying spiritual. The challenge is staying sexual. The challenge is staying in LOVE. Most (not all) men fail to realize this: Women are about progression and change. Whereas men are about stability and things remaining the same.

Example: A man can work, come home, take out the garbage, watch sports and chill. To him his life and marriage is wonderful, but to his wife their marriage sucks. Why? Because men are familiar with routines. Women are more so creatures of progression. A woman will be at home on the couch with her husband thinking about repainting the walls, time for new furniture, ready to move to a bigger house, ready for another vacation, ready for another date night, etc.

The mind of a woman is always thinking progression. When men understand this is when relationships will last longer. Men must understand marriage is also about competition. Which is why you should always compliment your spouse before anyone else. Continue to further yourself in all aspects of life. If you're gonna be with someone forever you should keep in mind that involves work, but the work has a payoff. Keep your mind on being the best within the competition of love. Remember, in the animal kingdom you must fight and compete to mate. The same is for humans on a more social/intellectual level.

As Mary J. Blige said "I can love you better than she can". As Jamie Foxx said "I can see things ain't right on the home front and she wants me to beat it beat it". Yes my friends, love is about competition. This isn't to say one should feel insecure but one should also understand what can cause him or her to become replaced. It's not the fact you lost your job, it's the fact you became defeated after losing your job and allowed a season of lack to become a permanent lifestyle. Thus s/he got tired of living in poverty and cheated or filed for divorce.

Women have to learn to be patient as well. The way you think marriage is 9 out of 10 isn't correct. The person whose gonna hurt you the most, not support you, break your heart, lie to you the most is your spouse. Not all of it will be intentional nor will it be excusable; however, it's going to happen.

The best way to keep things tight is to be nonjudgmental as it relatives to communication between you and your lover. This comes with time. Once you move pass the stage of thinking making your lover feel inferior is when you'll see progress. I tell couples all the time..."you're on the same team!"

The right one you meet is going to come with baggage, problems, and shortcomings. It's on you to decide what you're willing to put up with. For me I can't handle infidelity nor can I handle being accused of it. People fail to realize the power of their thoughts and their tongue. If you keep accusing your child of stealing out the cookie jar sooner or later s/he just might do it. Why? Because you've already condemned him or her without the payoff now they feel what's the sense of being honorable if I'm being accused? Might as well be accused and enjoy the payoff of the accused. It's not cute or kosher to accuse someone simply based on your insecurities and folly.

Love is like life. It has a start and an end. Who knew the tears that flowed down your face when you said "I do" are the same tears flowing down your face during the divorce process, wow...who knew? This is the results of the little foxes destroying the vine. In your relationship you must kill the little foxes, you must address the little things for they feed and grow into big things. This is why honesty and communication is the key.

Set goals for your relationship. You must have a 2,4,6,8,10 year plan. Baby in 2 years from now I expect us to have our graduate degrees. In 4 years from now I expect us to move into our own home. In 6 years from now I expect us to have children. In 8 years from now I expect us to have our own side business making well over 100k a year, etc... This doesn't have to exactly be the model, but you must create one or slowly lose the love of your life! 

This is how the two of you will build an empire. But you must keep the lines of communication open. Speak up when you're in pain. Speak up when you feel something is unfair. Speak up no matter what, but speak in terms of love and endearment. This isn't corporate America, this is your wife you're talking to. It's okay to speak and cry. Crying only means you're hurting yet you really care. That's what manhood is all about. It's about emotions and intellect wrapped into effective communication.

None of this is possible without the help of GOD. Recognize his strength above your own. Keep GOD as the head and you'll remain ahead of the curve balls life often throws. Watch the overlay for the underplay. Jesus said it best "men should always pray". A man without a prayer life is a man without a compass.

Stay in PEACE,
Dr. Jim Allen
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Monday, June 1, 2015

"Bringing MEN Back To GOD Citywide Tour!"

Manhood University IL Chapter
United In Peace, INC. 

"Bringing MEN back 
to GOD citywide tour!" 

We're asking ALL men to join us as we get ourselves and our families back aligned with God. I sincerely believe if we put our families in God's hands and turn from our wicked ways God will in turn heal our land and prosper our endeavors. Please join us at the below churches. No dress code, come as you are. We're looking forward to seeing each and every one of you! 

Malachi 4:6 

*St. Stephen AME Church 
3040 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, IL 
10:45 AM 
(July 5, 2015)

*West Point M.B. Church 
3566 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, IL 
10:45 AM 
(July 12, 2015)

*New Life Covenant Church 
UIC Forum 
725 W. Roosevelt Rd.
11:30 AM 
(July 19, 2015) 

*Revival Tabernacle Church 
6415 S. Ashland Ave.
11 AM
(July 26, 2015)

Praying for those caught in the 
revolving doors of poverty, 
recidivism and gang violence! 
Praying for the complete healing of our City

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ballard Funeral Service (Serving) Illinois!

In times of sorrow and pain you need a funeral service company that's not only sensitive to the needs of your family but also reasonable in pricing as well. Ballard Funeral Service offers just that. The staff at Ballard Funeral Service are patient, understanding, well trained and professional in all aspects of the funeral business. Every family is treated with dignity and respect in their time of bereavement by the staff of Ballard Funeral Service.

Ballard Funeral Service is headed by Denesha Ballard a Chicagoan. She attended and graduated from Luther High School and Worsham College with a degree in Mortuary Science. Ballard Funeral Service is African-American owned and operated. When creating the vision for Ballard Funeral Service, Ms. Ballard wanted to make sure Ballard Funeral Service was not just another ordinary funeral service which is why their packaging relative to prices are less than most funeral services yet their services are top notch. 

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"At Ballard Funeral Service we embrace the importance, individuality and richness of each person's life. Not only is it our goal to meet the expectations of families whom have trusted us with carrying out the selected funeral arrangements of those dear to them but we strive to make it a momentous occasion. We seek a greater way to provide a meaningful celebration of lives well lived" - Denesha Ballard, President 

I highly recommend Ballard Funeral Service for all your funeral needs. Give your loved one the best you can give by entrusting Ballard Funeral Service. With a starting price of only $5,000 Ballard Funeral Service can provide your loved one and your family a proper and decent service, trust'll be glad you called Ballard Funeral Service. Be sure to follow Ballard Funeral Service on facebook. Please click below link:

Written By:
Jim Allen 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

ATTENTION: Rappers & Artists! We Have Beats For You!

Looking to buy great beats for your next release or album? Look no further! Free Soul Music Productions has a great list of beats and sounds sure to take your lyrics to the next level. Every good song becomes a great song when paired with the right beat and sound, that's what Free Soul Music Productions provide. 

Free Soul Music Productions is operated by Jounta "Ghost Ghetti" Colvin who began rapping and producing music in 2003. Since that time he has recorded 7 cds, produced thousands of beats and recorded and produced tracks for many local artists in Chicago and the Midwest of the United States of America. 

"The wonderful thing about 
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Along side producing and recording "The Ghost" also manages an internet radio show called Free Soul Radio which host local artist's singles and promote their mixtapes and albums. For more on Free Soul Music Productions please click the below LINK:

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Written By:
Jim Allen