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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PLOT to KILL Pastor Corey Brooks


A hideous plot by some fanatical ruffians has taken physical form. Pastor Corey B. Brooks also known as the "Rooftop Pastor" after spending months throughout the bitter winter season in Chicago on top of a dilapidated motel on the South Side that housed pimps, drug dealers and prostitutes. Pastor Brooks took a stand by living on top of the roof of the motel day and night raising awareness of the diabolical and unlawful things that went on inside the motel. His bravery garnered National attention eventually leading to the motel being shutdown, and the land being purchased by Pastor Brooks and his church to turn it into a Community Center. 

Pastor Brooks is well known for his skill in gang violence prevention, he's even worked with Chicago rap star Chief Keef relative to the rapper changing certain aspects of his lifestyle. Pastor Brooks has conducted many community STOP THE VIOLENCE marches on the South Side of Chicago and is an intricate part of Steve Harvey's Mentoring Program in Chicago.

Pastor Brooks along with many other religious leaders on the West and South Sides of Chicago decided to support Bruce Rauner for Governor of Illinois. Although many other religious leaders are supporting Mr. Rauner, Pastor Brooks is one of the most high profile supporters which has lead to him being targeted. Pastor Brooks has been receiving threats thwarts his life and the life of his family since he decided to support Bruce Rauner for Governor! Not even a week ago his church was vandalized and broken into! 

My friends, as someone who received death threats for years because of my stance against political thugs such as Mark Carter, Paul McKinley, and Queen Sister...I (Jim Allen) can attest to the mental and physical stress it can cause! This isn't to say the 3 knuckleheads I mentioned above have anything to do with threats thwarts Pastor Brooks and the vandalizing of his church; however, it is their method of operation in times past. 

Our deepest prayers are with Pastor Corey B. Brooks and his family as they pick up the pieces and move forward. No one should be harassed, intimated, and or threatened simply because of their political or social stance! This is America not some communist country and we will not be intimidated! The work goes on, the cause endures, and the dream shall never die! 

Below are excerpts from 
Pastor Corey B. Brooks facebook page:

Brothers and Sisters -
As many of you know, I decided to take a stand for the black community in the upcoming election by publicly supporting Bruce Rauner to be our next governor.
Not everyone agreed with my decision, including some of you within our congregation, but everyone respected it - until yesterday.
Yesterday I received a number of phone calls making death threats against me and my family vowing to hurt our church. Then, last night, our church was broken into and vandalized.
Today, I'm going to show our community the damage and share with them the threats I've received. We'll start on repairs -- not just the structural ones that are easy to fix, but the spiritual ones that are going to take some time - and I'll pray for the people who did this.
I've been standing up to this type of violence and intimidation tactics for years - and not once have I ever been threatened or our church damaged. This is a sad day for our community when we get intimidated for speaking from our hearts, but this much is for sure - no matter how many threats they make or how much damage they do, they're not going to shut me up. They call me the Rooftop Pastor for a reason - and I'll shout from every rooftop in Chicago until our community gets the message: we need jobs, we need opportunity and we won't be taken for granted any longer.
At Peace,

A reporter asked me, "what have I learned through all of this?" I have learned that:
People, even Christians will Label you in order to Limit you, Define you in order to Confine you. They will call you everything but a Child of God, like:
Sell Out
Two Bit Hustler
Con Man
Nigger - Nigga - Nickaa - House Nigga
Devil - Beelzebub - Diabolos
False Prophet
Uncle Tom
White man's boy
*Dick - Cunt - Bitch - Asshole - Motherfucker - Pussy (*language disclaimer)
All of which I've been called over the last 2 weeks, and I'm sure there's more...
But when you know who you are (Corey B Brooks) and whose you are (Jesus Christ), all these other names don't matter!
When people don't know you, they tend to believe what other people say about you and what other people call you. What have I learned? well, in the words of my grandfather, "It's not what they Call you but what you Answer to!"
Have a blessed and joy filled day.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Date Chicago's Professional Black Women!

Jasmine V. Turner, Founder of
Black Match Made

Jasmine V. Turner was born and raised in Dothan, Alabama and is an alum of Grambling State University she serves as founder of Black Match Made which is Chicago's elite match making service dedicated to helping black professionals find their SOUL MATE. 

Black Match Made has a specialized 1 on 1 match making mechanism that makes the experience personal, comfortable, and confidential! Each client receives their own personal recruiter partnering with them to help them meet their match.

After noticing the difficulties black professionals faced when looking for long-term, committed relationships, Jasmine decided to use her experience in recruiting for corporations and colleges to help other professionals like herself meet their soul mate. 

...I have 6 figure guy friends who are always looking to find someone on their level. They complain to me all 
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Black Match Made is a God send for professionals tired of seeking compatibility at random sites that oftentimes are to general which can lead to wasted time, energy, and ultimately frustration. With Black Match Made the client is able to pinpoint their interest in a more timely fashion. 

Trust me, I have many 6 figure friends who aren't on social media...they don't do facebook, instagram, twitter, etc., these guys are extremely successful but have no clue where to look as it relates to finding a professional woman that suits their taste. Black Match Made gives them the opportunity to find a great woman in a professional setting. 

"My 6 figure guy friends always ask me where 
can I meet a woman who has similar to what I have so 
that we can build an empire together?"

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Black Men. Marriage. Divorce.

With an economy such as this one I encourage ALL men to wait, think fact think really hard before you consider getting married. Marriage is called an INSTITUTION for a reason and most crazy people are in institutions, lbvs. The foundation of marriage is money and once the money is gone the love is soon to follow. Trust me.

I was married for 16 years so I know what its like to love someone and then things slowly fall a part. My marriage was great, but then the little foxes of life begin to destroy the vine. Small things (not dealt with) in a marriage grow and become big things out of control or hard to comprehend, soon you all can't stand each other and you find yourselves cheating in your social media inbox.

The thing with Black women (not all) is once you lose your job you're gonna also lose your family unless GOD blesses you to find another job like really quick. Black women (not all) will put up with you not working/laid off for maybe a month, after that you better get a job delivering pizza or some thing because the complaints and arguments are sure to come.

What I've observed and seen with my own four eyes is when a Black woman (not all) is ready to move on she does it in a cold-hearted fashion. She waits till the time is ripe and puts her man out the house when he's jobless or have nowhere to go. She's very calculated about it, she makes sure all her ducks are lined up then she takes her shot. BOOM. BANG. POW. Nigga get your stuff and get your broke a$$ out of "MY HOUSE",

"lol...hey brotha, remember when you were working and it was (y'all) house? But now that you're not working she says 'MY HOUSE!' That's one of those little foxes I referred to earlier. Even though she said its cool, you can move in, she really didn't mean it or think you all would still be living there after 5 years of marriage. Hell, she thought y'all would of been moved by now!" 

A woman wants to get married and purchase a house together. Never start a marriage off by living in your wife's house because when the arguments jump off and words of love and war starts getting flung around she's gonna be sure to let you know whose house it is. The problem with most Black men is in our minds SEPARATION means DIVORCE. To a Black man if he's not living with you then y'all are divorced and only married on paper of which he doesn't respect.

There are a lot of Black men who are legally married but feel like "we don't live together, sleep together, so we're divorced!" That may be true emotionally, but its not true legally. As I was dating a woman I was also going through a divorce; however, in my head I was divorced already thus it was okay for me to date another woman. The problem is it wasn't okay because my paperwork wasn't fully complete. The woman I dated after finding out I was still legally married threw it up in my face every chance she got which in turn caused me to suddenly leave her and date another woman of whom I unwisely and abruptly married.

I was divorced and re-married within the same year, now tell me that ain't stupid?! But it was actually out of a reaction to the woman I dated finding out I was still legally married and throwing it up in my face even though that marriage was emotionally over, nevertheless, she threw it up in my face so much I suddenly left her, started dating another woman and within weeks we were married after my divorce from my first wife was over. Needless to say that marriage died as well because it was something we rushed into without really knowing each other.

"...Women leave emotionally. 
Men leave physically".

What I should of done was went to a friend's house or men's shelter after me and my 1st wife divorced, got myself together and then moved forward on the pathway to reconstruction, but instead I started dating right away, paying bills for other women which handicapped me from being on my own. I was so use to being in a relationship to the degree I was programmed that's what my life is suppose to a relationship or married.

There are a lot of Black men in the situation I was in. Your wife waits till you're helpless (not to say you're totally innocent) and puts you out in the street or says "if you don't leave I'm gonna take the kids and leave" so you leave because you don't want your children not having anywhere to go. Now, you're basically start dating out of self preservation, you then get re-married while deep within you are a broken man to the core. To ashamed to tell anyone, to ashamed to talk to anyone because you feel no one will ever understand the unfair hand you were just dealt.

Marriages don't always end over infidelity or money, sometimes people simply grow a part and instead of making sure each other is good before they part ways, they rather become bitter and evil towards one another. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. There are many things that need to be discussed before you get married - marriage isn't something you willy nilly jump into! You should date, and then be engaged for at least two years before you marry someone. Make sure your job and life is stable. Look and listen for red flags: those are warning signs. If you can't tolerate him leaving the toilet seat up now what makes you think you'll be able to tolerate it later? The little foxes (Song of Solomon 2:15) always destroy the vine because they grow and morph into full grown, bloodthirsty wolves.

A lot of people say divorce is not an option, but sometimes divorce is the only option. Sometimes you're running from Egypt only to escape into Babylon. I don't condone people divorcing and not going through counseling to at least see if the marriage is worth saving or should the cord by pulled? Either way it goes, after 16 years of marriage, trust me, I know what I'm talking about. Marriage is no joke, it is intense pressure of two adults trying to live together and compromise on a daily basis.

Its a great, wonderful, sweet thing, but it can get ugly as well. There's a thin line between love and hate, so if you're married in this day and time you better be prepared for work, because marriage is work and nothing more. But just like work, there's a payoff. So if the marriage is GOD ordained the work will be respected because you're looking at the payoff and not the labor. You're looking at happiness and not sadness. You're looking at the gain and not the pain.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Black Leaders (SUPPORTING) Bruce Rauner

In the hot contested race for Governor of Illinois there are several outstanding African American leaders supporting candidate Bruce Rauner. Please click all pictures below for a better view. In my personal opinion I sincerely think Bruce Rauner is a better fit for African Americans. I think as a businessman he'll create more job opportunities for all, and for Blacks in particular. I'm voting for Bruce Rauner and so should you. 

Check out the below 
supporters of 
Bruce Rauner!  

Pastor Corey Brooks 
New Beginnings Church of Chicago 

Dr. Willie Wilson 
Millionaire Businessman and Philanthropist

Minister Jim Allen 
Activist, Blogger, and Medical Advocate

Hermene Hartman 

Pastor Stephen Thurston 
New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church 

Pastor James T. Meeks 
Salem Baptist Church of Chicago 

Pastor Larry Trotter
Sweet Holy Spirit Church

Pastor Marshall Hatch
New Mount Pilgrim M.B. Church

My friends...there are many others as well in full support of Bruce Rauner. In this Gubernatorial Race we must focus on the (PERSON) and not the (PARTY LABEL). Many are fooled into thinking every Democrat should be elected simply because President Barack Obama is a Democrat. 

That's unwisely, we must look at each individual case by case. For me Bruce Rauner has always supported Black issues and causes, not too say Gov. Pat Quinn hasn't, but too say Gov. Pat Quinn is a decent social leader; nevertheless, with Illinois in the shape it's in financially we need a leader in business and that's what Bruce Rauner provides!


As an African American man knowing that under Gov. Pat Quinn, Black contractors only receive 1% of State contracts also Black men in Illinois have the highest rates of unemployment in the Midwest of the United States of America is disgusting and unacceptable! We cannot afford to give someone who treats Black folks in such a manner 4 more years! 

Yup! Under Gov. Pat Quinn's leadership! 

Please click below LINK:


2014-15 Support the Chicago Defender

Ronald Childs and Ingrid Morris 

For years I've asked all in Illinois to support the Chicago Defender by simply investing $1.00 each week and buying this historic newspaper. Every time you buy a Chicago Defender newspaper you support Black history, and most importantly American history. The Chicago Defender is one of America's oldest Black newspapers. 

Bishop Roosevelt Watkins and 
Ronald Childs

Here's another reason to support the Chicago Defender...did you know the Chicago Defender financially supports the Bud Billiken Parade? The Bud Billiken Parade is the LARGEST and OLDEST African American Parade in the United States of America! The same man who founded the Chicago Defender also founded the Bud Billiken Parade. Click this LINK:

Yours Truly 

So in essence when you purchase a Chicago Defender newspaper you also financially support the Bud Billiken Parade. Its a win - win situation. Tell your family and friends to buy a Chicago Defender newspaper every chance they get. Many thanks and much love. 

Ronald Childs and Minister Jim Allen 
at the Chicago Defender Headquarters

Illinois: Medical Care for Children

2211 N. Oak Park Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 

As an Ambassador for Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago part of my duties include introducing people to this great children's hospital. In the past I've introduced former Cook County 1st District Commissioner Earlene Collins, 78th District State Representative Camille Lilly, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel along with many others to the greatest of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago. 

Yours Truly: Jim Allen the Ambassador 
being honored for 10 years of service
too Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago

Everyone whom I've introduced to Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago absolutely loved it. My friends, I'm extending the same invitation to you and even greater. Why greater? Simply because we at Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago would love to care for your children: INFANTS - 18 YEARS OLD. Please check the list below:


Does your child have Ear, Nose, and Throat problems?

Does your child have Clubfeet, 
Cleftfeet, Toe-walking issues, 
Bowed Legs, or Knocked Knees? 

Does your child need Plastic Surgery?

Does your child need Speech Therapy?

Does your child have Cerebral Palsy?

Does your child have a Sports Injury?

Does your child have Spinal Injuries/Deformity?

Does your child have Burn Injuries?


"We have the best Doctors, Nurses, 
Specialists, Therapists, and Staff! 
We service children in ALL of Illinois 
and the Midwest of the USA! 
If your child does not have 
insurance we will work with you!"

Kally Walsh, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Jim and Daughter

Call Kally Walsh at 773-385-5846 
tell her Jim Allen the "Ambassador" sent you!

Manhood University Illinois

Manhood University Illinois is a FAITH BASED INITIATIVE designed to mentor young men and repair broken men through concepts and precepts that are moral, spiritual, and biblical. We have bi-weekly meetings and fellowship services as well. All are invited too attend our fellowship services which normally includes motivational speakers. 

Manhood University also serves to unite men of FAITH in Illinois to come together and create, develop, and implement social/economical programs for at-risk youth. 

In order for us to remain operational we need funds. We're humbly asking all to donate $5 or more to Manhood University by click the below LINK:

Any amount you give will be greatly appreciated. Continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue to inspire and repair men back to wholeness. Below are a few pics from some of our fellowship services. 

September 20, 2014

September 20, 2014 

October 4, 2014