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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is the Civil Rights Movement Homophobic?

As we look at the Civil Rights Movement in the past 20 years we see a lack of participation of America's prominent Civil Rights leaders and their organizations relative to addressing Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer issues. Is the Civil Rights Movement to conservative to tackle LGBTQ concerns?

Civil Rights, the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. 

Is the Civil Rights Movement like Hip Hop in that it claims to be inclusive yet deep within its doctrine lies homophobia? Why aren't there LGBTQ mainstream leaders within the Black Civil Rights Movement? Isn't Civil Rights rooted in Human Rights for all?  

How can Black leaders within the Civil Rights Movement organize marches, protests, and demonstrations thwarts police brutality, racial discrimination, income inequality, housing inequality, etc., and not put the same effort, fervor, and energy behind LGBTQ issues and concerns? 

As of right now President Barack Obama is the leading mainstream political voice openly supporting LGBTQ issues; however, we need more of our established Black organizations to take a stand!

Will we see LGBTQ issues be ignored in the next 20 years? Will we continue to avoid addressing our personal biases of LGBTQ issues? Will we continue to allow our religious ideologies to control our views on constitutional issues concerning LGBTQ issues? 

"...Remember, it was once taught the Black man should be enslaved because he was cursed by Noah, and it was a Biblical right to enslave him and his children." -FALSE!  

At some point we must understand life is bigger than our religious and cultural doctrines. No one should be told who they can and can't's not legal, constitutional, nor is it the American way!

I charge (all) especially LGBTQ to challenge leading Black Civil Rights Movements and Organizations to include LGBTQ in it's upper leadership chambers and to create task-forces within their movements and organizations to march, protests, and demonstrate inequality relative to all LGBTQ issues and concerns!  

Jim Allen

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Chicago Mayoral Race: 5 Debates!


Written By: Jim Allen

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has agreed to 5 debates squeezed into a 2 week period before voting. The first debate takes place Jan. 27 before the Chicago Tribune editorial board. Emanuel will debate his challengers Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia, Alderman Bob Fioretti, and Businessman Willie Wilson. Many are confused how Willie Wilson was chosen over Bill Dock Walls and Fredrick Collins?

The unfortunate underlining story is the racial divide within just about every race for the Mayor's office in Chicago. Every four years the Black, White, and Brown community produces a so called candidate for Mayor. This election cycle Bob Fioretti is the White candidate. Jesus "Chuy" Garcia is the Hispanic candidate. Willie Wilson is the Black candidate.

The racial undertones within this particular race is completely disgusting. Sure, Blacks want the glory days of Harold Washington back. Sure, Hispanics want a Mayor sensitive to their issues; however, we need a Mayor for the entire crayon box and not for one color only! Many in the Black community are wondering who made Willie Wilson the front-runner among Black candidates especially seeing he entered the race late?

Many (not all) in the Black community are saying had Wilson not challenged and eventually knocked Amara off the ballot she would of been a better representation of Black folks and their issues. Mr. Wilson doesn't have the support of leading Black social and political organizations in Chicago, nor Black radio stations and/or Black newspapers. Many (not all) fear Wilson will not only tank during the debates, but due to him being a political rookie he also won't be able to fully articulate Black issues and concerns relative to but not limited too: Public Safety (Black on Black crime), Education (over 50 Chicago Public Schools closed in Black and Brown communities), high numbers of Black teen unemployment in Chicago, Economics (Blacks only receiving 1 - 3 percent of City contracts).

This is an extremely important election cycle. Hopefully voters of Chicago will have a chance to hear and see all the candidates and their agendas. For more info about Chicago's Mayoral Race please click the below websites. Thank you.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Cook Community Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia

Alderman Bob Fioretti

Businessman Willie Wilson 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Michael Scott Jr., FOR THE 24th Ward!

The 24th Ward on Chicago's West Side is riddled with gang violence, drugs, and crime. Various street and legal organizations since the 1950's have all tried to positively impact the 24th Ward with very little success. The 24th Ward was disenfranchised in the 50's and 60's to the point the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., came to the 24th Ward to address slum lords and extreme poverty. 

After King's assassination the 24th Ward was basically burned down to the ground and remained in 3rd world like conditions till the 1990's. Great men such as Michael Scott Sr., tirelessly labored to better the Lawndale community and the 24th Ward. During the 1980's that saw the boom of crack cocaine in the Lawndale community men such as Michael Scott Sr., were raising their families in the heart of the 24th Ward/Lawndale community.

Michael Scott Sr.

The 24th Ward/Lawndale community has fallen back into despair. Crime and violence is on the rise, the current Alderman is leaving office and leadership in the 24th Ward is in dire straits. Many have stepped up to become the next Alderman of the 24th Ward; however, only one stands out above the rest and that's Michael Scott Jr. 

Michael Scott Jr., son of Michael Scott Sr., is a native and current resident of the North Lawndale neighborhood. Just as his father he's a public servant to the bone. He's a graduate of Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the prestigious Morehouse College. As a graduate of Morehouse College, Michael Scott Jr., represents the best the North Lawndale community has to offer. 

Scholarship, service, education is what Michael Scott Jr., brings to the table as he continues to advocate for the undeserved. Michael Scott Jr., currently serves as an Area Manger for the Chicago Park District (Central Region). The Chicago Park District provides sports and recreational activities for at-risk youth/young adults. 

Out of all the great people vying for Alderman of the 24th Ward Michael Scott Jr., is the best man for the job. Many communities would love to have Michael Scott Jr., as it's Alderman. The North Lawndale community should be proud of itself for producing such a great son, father, and man. For more information concerning Michael Scott Jr., please click the below link:

Written By: 
Jim Allen     


A slew of young Black political hopefuls have appeared on the scene to replace various well established Alderman in wards on the West Side and South Side of Chicago. A lot of these young whippersnappers have no political experience and/or political science education. It seems as if many of these young political hopefuls are using their political ambitions to enrich themselves. 

For example: every political rookie knows s/he is going to be challenged relative to the legitimacy of their petitions. They know damn well they can't afford an attorney for the challenge process yet they raise THOUSANDS of dollars from family and friends only to drop out the race and claim its because they couldn't afford an attorney. 

I'm starting to believe these guys are using politics as a new hustle to not only make a name for themselves but to also raise quick cash. It's called POVERTY PIMPING! Deceive your family, friends, and community into thinking you're actually running for office when in fact you are only raising funds to enrich yourself knowing you are going to drop out the race anyway. A great silver bailout parachute. Hell, it's a brilliant scheme if you are a decent fundraiser. You can make enough money to pay some bills, buy a new car, etc. 

At some point campaign funds on every level of government should be looked into. As of now we have gross abuses, mismanagement of funds, political deception, and the breaking of integrity.  

Jim Allen 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Willie Wilson, Rahm Emanuel, Bruce Rauner!

There's a huge conspiracy theory playing out on social media claiming the race for mayor of Chicago has been tainted by the late entry of multimillionaire Willie Wilson. Many of the African American talking heads are claiming on social media and talk radio that Mr. Wilson was planted into the Mayoral race to somehow benefit Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The theory is based on old pictures of Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner hanging out at a Wine Club they both are members of. The Wine Club is by invitation only and cost upwards of 100K to join. The name of the wine club is the Napa Valley Reserve. Conspiracy theorists are saying Rahm and Rauner are good friends, so are Willie Wilson and Rauner.

Thus since the 3 men are some what indirectly friends Willie Wilson entered the race as a stalking horse and is planted to benefit Mayor Rahm Emanuel into being re-elected. The whole theory is extremely silly, far fetched, and laughable to say the least. Just because someone share a fraternity and/or club membership doesn't mean they agree on social and political issues! Rahm Emanuel is a hardcore Democrat, as Bruce Rauner is a hardcore Republican.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, First Lady Michelle Obama, and President Barack Obama campaigned hard for Governor Pat Quinn to defeat Bruce Rauner in the Illinois Governor's race but were unsuccessful. So far the entry of Willie Wilson into the race for Chicago mayor has only benefited 2nd Ward Alderman Robert Fioretti who is also a candidate for Mayor of Chicago. Here's how, Willie Wilson challenged the petitions of Amara Enyia, she quickly dropped out the race and threw her support behind Alderman Fioretti.

Maybe just maybe Willie Wilson is in the race to knock Rahm out the box? We all know Rahm can be a bit much to handle which is why some say he was kicked out the White House simply because he's a maverick and hard-nosed politician. Bruce Rauner knows the toughness of Rahm and probably doesn't want to deal with him in a Governor/Mayor relationship thus sent Willie Wilson into the race to ensure Rahm is eliminated.

Willie Wilson isn't in the race to help Rahm, but rather to hurt Rahm. This is politics and membership into some exclusive Wine Club has no precedence over that. Willie Wilson knew Amara Enyia didn't have the funds to hire a lawyer to fight back thwarts his challenge thus he knew she would drop out the race and give her support to anyone but Rahm, which is why he challenged her. He knew Amara had a certain segment of the African American vote and he wanted that vote to go to anyone but Rahm Emanuel. His calculations were right. Just as Karen Lewis dropped out due to medical reasons and threw her support behind Jesus Chuy Garcia so did Amara Enyia drop out and throw her support to Alderman Robert Fioretti. Mission accomplished...

Do I think Willie Wilson believes he can win? Yes. He's a man of great faith so in his mind all things are possible. He's a successful businessman who has accomplished a lot with very little formal education. I also think he's an all around good guy. Does he have a political agenda? Yes! His agenda is to be Mayor of Chicago this way things would run smoothly for Governor-elect Bruce Rauner and his involvement in City contracts and governance. However if he does't become Mayor of Chicago his ultimate mission is to make sure Rahm Emanuel isn't re-elected.

"Willie isn't in this to help Rahm,
but rather to eliminate him!" 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Alderman Robert Fioretti

Jesus Chuy Garcia

Willie Wilson

Amara Enyia

Bill Dock Walls

Jim Allen 

Monday, January 5, 2015

JOBS For West Side of Chicago Youth!

Tha Movement University, BOAZ Logistics, and Manhood University along with Pastors and Community Leaders have banned together to provide JOBS for at-risk youth on the West Side of Chicago. If you are an employer on the West Side of Chicago and you'd like to make a difference in the life of a young person please contact us ASAP.


We're only asking you employ youth after school for maybe 2 - 3 hours a day during weekdays. Most of our youth are open to work on Weekends except Sundays. We have youth workers available for the following areas: Austin, Lawndale, Garfield Park, Galewood, Humboldt Park, West Loop, Downtown Chicago, Oak Park, and River Forest. 

Our youth are respectful and hardworking. They're dedicated and intelligent. Please consider hiring one of our young people. Many thanks and many blessings. Whether sweeping, removing snow, passing out fliers, or filing documents our youth are willing and ready to get the job done!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. v/s Rickey R. Hendon

What's going on in the 27th Ward of Chicago? A battle among two West Side of Chicago political heavyweights has turned into a legal frenzy and many are confused as to what exactly is going on. From what Tha Movement University has been able to gather is former State Senator Rickey R. Hendon (now) political consultant along Wallace "Catfish" Davis and many others circulated petitions for Gabe Beukinga whose running for Alderman in the 27th Ward against the incumbent Alderman Walter Burnett Jr.

Mr. Burnett has been Alderman of the 27th Ward since 1995. Gabe Beukinga is the ONLY challenger to Alderman Burnett. Mr. Burnett is challenging the petition signatures of Mr. Beukinga in hopes he'll be kicked off the ballot. This is a normal procedure most incumbent Alderman do; however, most are confused relative to why in this particular case? Why not face off with Mr. Beukinga man to man seeing he's the only challenger trying to make the ballot?

"...the gloves are off?"

Alderman Walter Burnett Jr., according to Mr. Rickey R. Hendon subpoenaed he and others including Wallace "Catfish" Davis for fraud signatures and a host of other alleged voter violations. Lets look at the political experience of Mr. Rickey R. Hendon...the guy is a former Alderman, former Secretary and Treasurer of the Cook County Forest Preserve, former State Senator, former Asst. IL Senate Majority Leader, former Co-Chairman of the IL Senate Executive Appointments Committee, former Vice-Chairman of the Environment and Energy Committee, former member of the Labor and Commerce Committee. With all the above political experience you mean to tell me this man is being subpoenaed for circulating bogus petitions for a guy to make the ballot to run for Alderman?! C'mon, you can't be serious! Surly Mr. Hendon fully knows the do's and dont's of circulating petitions, the man is a highly decorated political lieutenant!

This battle is being viewed all over social media. I spoke with Stephanie Lulay (via twitter) a reporter for DNAINFO Chicago covering the West Loop and Pilsen. She's also covering this case. Here's what she tweeted me:


Mr. Hendon and Mr. Burnett are both West Side of Chicago heavyweights. Many leaders on the West Side of Chicago are torn between whose right or wrong in this particular situation. Below are a few comments from Mr. Hendon (facebook) regarding the situation at hand:

Rickey R. Hendon In 27 Walter Burnett aka Jesse White Rahm etc are challenging Gabe Bekinga's petition. They subpoenaed 50 of us, Me, Wallace Davis (owner of Catfish Corner) and other run away slaves..His red faced lawyer grilled our behinds for 13 hours and still got nothing. Gabe has 1025 we need 473 for Alderman. ALSO, these dummies paid a so called handwriting expert $21,000 to testiLIE for them..she suspects fraud, she don't like this, yada yada yada ( after looking at 700 signatures for an hour..a minute a signature. OUR LAWTER TORE HER A NEW _______,.walter lawyer asked me " Rickey Hendon did you get paid 8 grand " I answered ABSOLUTELY!! And what? Black people need not get paid for our time and talent..That's called Slavery. He asked me did I pay my "N"s (it almost slipped out his mouth, he was "this close" I sat there in my fire engine red suit and told that Nazi..SOME TIMES I DID SOMETIMES I DIDN'T, THEY GOT FOOD, GAS, DRANKS!! He said" So there was liqour! I said HELL YEAH, HENNY, HENNY, HENNY, HENNY..

Rickey R. Hendon BTW..the only Mayoral candidate they brought up in any attacks was Willie Wilson..Some of Gabe's circulator's also circulated for Willie Wilson for Mayor..little walter all in Willie Wilson kitchen??!! HACK!!

Hopefully Gabe Beukinga is allowed on the ballot and the voters are able to choose who they want to represent them. This is America and voters have a right to choose. I highly respect both gentlemen and will be praying for fairness and justice on both sides. Fairness and justice in my view is giving voters the right to choose. Peace and blessings. 

Written By:
Jim Allen