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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Pastor Jim Allen 

You are invited to our healing service April 12, 2015 at 11AM. We will be praying for your complete healing of all manners of disease, depression, and sickness. GOD is a healer "Why should you suffer when others are being healed? Why should you die before your time?"

Pastor Jim Allen
Vineyard Ministries 
(Shedd Park)
3660 W. 23rd St.
Chicago, IL 60623 

APRIL 12, 2015 


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Can the Vice Lords be Saved?

Minister Willie "Rico" Johnson 
above picture

Minister Willie "Rico" Johnson a man who's name carries hope and respect on the streets of Chicago is trying to do the unthinkable. He's trying to use his voice to save a young generation of Vice Lords headed to years in prison and even worse...death! The Minister is sharing his ideas and concepts with the media he's also working with gang violence prevention groups as well. 

The Minister is working with 
United In Peace, INC
as well. Please click below LINK:

The Vice Lords once was a positive organization and even marched with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., please click below LINKS:

Its our prayer he is successful in this noble endeavor. Below are a few excerpts from a media piece highlighting the words of the Minister. Keep him in your prayers as he continues to preach STOP THE VIOLENCE, SAVE THE BABIES! Click all photos for a better view! 

Click below link:

RE-elect Ald. Deborah Graham (April 7, 2015)

Alderman Deborah Graham 

Alderman Deborah Graham continues to fight for the 29th Ward. She has some amazing accomplishments and has brought MILLIONS of dollars to the 29th Ward. Her administration continues to build new businesses in Austin, Galewood, and Mount Clare, secure millions of dollars for our parks where kids and seniors enjoy programs, continues to assist women of domestic violence rebuild their lives. 

> Children 
> Seniors 
> Small Business Owners 
> Women of Domestic Violence 

On April 7, 2015 join me in voting to re-elect Alderman Deborah Graham! She's still fighting for us and we must continue to fight for her. Please click below photo. Thank you. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Is Willie Wilson (FINANCING) Dock Walls Campaign?

Willie Wilson a mayoral candidate and multimillionaire businessman is throwing his weight and money all over the place. He's paid a number of pastors on the West and South sides of Chicago to help him with petitions to make the ballot. He paid, challenged, and had mayoral candidate Amara Enyia kicked off the ballot. Willie then turned around and attempted to have William "Dock" Walls kicked off the ballot, but because of outrage from many in the African American community over Mr. Wilson having Amara kicked off the ballot he spared Dock Walls. 

According to one of Willie Wilson's campaign managers i.e. former State Senator Rickey Hendon via a facebook post...Mr. Wilson not only spared Mr. Walls from being kicked off the ballot but he also financed William "Dock" Walls campaign, even offered to pay him 10-15K a month if Walls would drop out the race and work for Willie Wilson. Below are comments between Willie Wilson's campaign manager former St. Sen. Rickey Hendon and William "Dock" Walls. What do you think of Willie Wilson financing William "Dock" Walls campaign?

Jim Allen From what I see... Willie is rising in polls.
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Rickey R. Hendon Yes Jim Willie Wilson has passed Alderman Fioretti and is right behind Garcia in the main media polls. I'm so glad he finally red Dock Walls, Doc Walls and his frezied fringe crew have been talking about Dr. Wilson like a dog. The two men had talked, Dock Walls went to Willie Wilson's house and asked for money his campaign, he went back when I had him knocked off the ballot AND IT WAS EASY TO DO, Willie Wilson welcomed him into his home again..Then Dr. Wilson called me and said he prayed over it and asked me to leave the ony other black candidate left Dock Walls alone he was going to trust him and take him at his word..need I say more? Now they attack Willie Wilson way more than they do the white Mayor they claim needs to go..Dock has said nasty things to Dr. Wilson at every debate/forum I've attened and Willie Wilson has just took it. He finally asked William Walls if Mayor Harold Washington Fired Him ?..All Walls and his supporters ever say to that question Doc Walls answered " You can't prove that". you can't prove that? How about NO? Perhaps because the answer is YES..I've been fired before as have many of you but none of us except for the Walls campaign would say our ex-boss is giving us a Fantastic letter of recommendation for the job they had,,hmmm, i know I shouldn't be on this this hard but it's The First Day Of Black History Month so there's some history..
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William Dock Walls Rickey R. Hendon you are a lying trick-ster. When you realized you couldn't knock me off the ballot, you came asking me to withdaw and to serve as Willie's campaign manager. You and Willie offerd to retire my campaign debt, employ several of my people, and pay me $10-15 Thousand per month. I refused because it was shocking to see how ill equipped and unprepared Willie is as an administrator. Willie Wilson used his money to knock every other Black Candidate off of the ballot. He even attempted to knock me off, but quickly found he couldn't. Then he cried and whined when Rahm went after his bogus petitions. The only reason Willie Wilson is on the ballot is because Rahm abruptly dropped his challenge on Christmas Eve. Rahm's reason, his internal polls showed me to be a runaway winner as the only Black candidate in a four way race (Rahm, Fioretti, Chuy and I). Rahm and Gov. Bruce Rauner need their friend Willie Wilson in this race so they can continue to control Trillions of dollars and run Blacks out of Chicago.

CHICAGO - Dr. Willie Wilson is one of several...
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Rickey R. Hendon I did ask you to be campaign manager, and I gave you $1200 for you and Bruce Crosby's help knocking off Amara Enyia. She filed 1200 pages, Your crew took the 1st 600 pages and my crew had the last 600 pages 601 to 1204 forgot that? And you also e-mailed me the legal paper work to kick Gerald Sconyers and Patterson off the Ballot. You will get a 1099. Emails never go away. We were friends, we talked at the Chicago Board of Elections EVERY DAY FOR 3 WEEKS..What were you doing down there? We said right here on FB we would stop this black on black BS but your main fantic Bruce started right back up as soon as Willie Wilson began surging inthe polls..READ his post!
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William Dock Walls Rickey R. Hendon We purchased petitions and looked at all of the candidates. You re-purchased the petitions we purchased. My team never filled out recapitulation sheets to knock Amara off. You continue to spin that lie cos it's sooooo hard for you to tell the truth. You call yourself Olivia Pope. Like her, you get paid to spin and confuse the public.
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  • Rickey R. Hendon OK,,I see you are going to force me to share the EMAIL DOCUMENTS you sent me and you can release all of our text messages which go back to when YOU and I were going to run Vetress Boyce campaign for Alderman on the 24th Ward or am I lying about that too?
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  • William Dock Walls Frank Coconate I hesitate to bicker with you because unlike most of the people on this post, You and I have fought some important battles together. We have stood up against the machine together, against the odds. It is not my nature to get into a public debate with people with whom I've have been in the trenches. I'll tell you what I think of your silly little paid Provocateur comments when I see you.
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  • William Dock Walls Yes Share what you have. Certainly we were going to collaborate and support Vetress Boyce...and??
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  • Rickey R. Hendon You also gave me the Re-Cap sheets to kick Amara off the Ballot. I have proof of that too cause I used them later to Kick Shaw off before he withdrew..You forget about that too..Remember you only filed 14,100 signatures and needed 12,500 of those to be good. CANDIDATES for Aldermen were getting 3 times the amount they needed and many still got kicked off the Ballot. HOW MANY SIGNATURES DID YOU FILE?? DO YOU BELIEVE ANYONE THINKS 90% of them were good.. I give up..
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  • Rickey R. Hendon Really Dock Walls..Get in line if that means you gonna beat my ass..I have many much more dangerous enemies who will get me if God take his protective arms from around I told your boy I'm always by myself..
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  • William Dock Walls Rickey R. Hendon Obviously you can't count. If I only had 14,000 signatures, I wouldn't be here today. Make sense. You and Willie would not have offered me a small fortune, If you could have knocked me off the ballot. Make sense. I know 80% of our signatures were good. Rahm confirmed that, Chuy's camp confirmed that, Toni Preckwinkle's camp confirmed it, as did other independent organizations. We were not challenged. If Rahm could have knocked me off the ballot there would be no Willie Wilson candidacy. He would have also knocked Willie off the ballot. The Pattern of Fraud alone would have gotten Both of you.
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  • Frank Coconate William Dock Walls I may never see City Hall again, but it wont be for lack of trying.I'm 56 and ready to leave this City if Rahm wins!
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  • William Dock Walls Frank Coconate The tide is rising. The pendulum is swinging my way. We freedom fighters will see the mayor's office again.
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  • Rickey R. Hendon DOC WALLS YOUR PETITIONS WERE THE WORST YOU EVER FILED. YOUR CREW has grown old and ragged..Did you go crying to Dr. Wilson the night I called you and told you I was going to kick you off the ballot? GATOR please God is not with Rahm for Mayor, leave him out of it..THINK ABOUT IT: 1 BLACK CANDIDATE WAS MY GOAL..If I had listened to elder statesman and well respected Richard Barnett and not novice good hearted Willie Wilson we wouldn't even be having this stupid discussion. THERE WOULD BE ONE BLACK CANDIDATE AND WE WOULD HAVE UNITY!! DOCK WALLS will run again and I will knock yo ass off the ballot FOR FREE!! Yes we worked together but then Harold Fired you, we are nolonger friends..delete my cell I've just deleted yours..
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  • William Dock Walls Rickey R. Hendon So you felt sorry for me and left me on the ballot. Instead of knocking me off, like you did the other Black candidates, you chose to offer me a small fortune and control of Willie's campaign. That makes no sense whatsoever.
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  • Rickey R. Hendon Rhymefest got more votes for Alderman than you did for Mayor Doc Walls.. 5,291 votes for MAYOR..,09 percent of the VOTE.. 99% voted against you!!
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  • Rickey R. Hendon Rhymefest how many votes did you get for Alderman in your first try? Compare that to Dock Walls whooping 5,291 votes from all 50 WARDS TOTAL!!!! Five Thousand Two Hundred Ninety One..for Mayor ? Of what city ? Cleveland Mississippi ..OMG!!
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  • Che Rhymefest Smith Lmbao William Dock Walls he kinda got you there Doc.
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  • Che Rhymefest Smith William Dock Walls I love you man, you're articulate and have great ideas. Your organization ability to fundraise and brand is just shot to hell. Why not use what you have left helping someone viable?
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  • Che Rhymefest Smith I help young people now with music so that when my time is over I can pass on that knowledge and experience. William Dock Walls please tell me why you won't help someone who's willing to embrace your plattform. You could be a King or Queen maker, but it appears as though you rather sink with the ship. What's worse is you have some pretty good people including my neighbor that you're taking with you.
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  • William Dock Walls Rickey R. Hendon You came to me in 1983 after Harold won with run over shoes, wearing a mixed match suit. a dirty ring around the collar shirt, and soup stains on your tie, You were pimping the name Fred Willianson. I felt sorry for you. I brought you in from the cold. I listened to you when nobody else would give you the time of day. now you spin the same old tired lies. Harold did not Fire me. I was a young 25 year old relied upon to make the major decisions that moved Chicago forward. In 1984, the SunTimes compared of key members of the Byrne administration to key members of the Washington administration. The SunTimes decalred: Byrne had no top aid as talented as Bill Walls. Jealousy abounded. I was in a lion's den of seek and destroy seedy politicians who circled their wagons and conspired against me, I was embroiled in constant battles. After four years of constantly fighting, I left of my own volition to finish Law School and spend more time with my young family. In 2006, Harold indicated he would support me for City Clerk and Cecil Partee for Treasurer.. The Latino community insisted on having one of those positions. Harold contemplated for two weeks whether to support me or Cecil Partee, ultimately he bowed to pressure and chose to keep Cecil Partee on the ballot. he called me and told me "Never quit when you get in the race." Harold and I remained cool throughout. I went to City Hall to see him from time to time.
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  • Rickey R. Hendon Felt sorry for you, no..well maybe kinda's been a tough year for you and your family, we were friends remember?? I don't like your goofy crew but I've always respected you until now..
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  • Rickey R. Hendon YOU DID WHAT FOR ME///LOL..I now understand Ryhmefest..that man is nuts!! You ain't helped me with shit!! I ran and won, over and over again.. you ran and lost over and over and over and over again and finishing LAST EVERY TIME..BTW..I worked for Fred, lived with him in LA and we remain friends to this day, he never wanted me to win but he helped me anyway. Thank you Fred Williamson..I was also top saleman year after year. I won Committeeman, Alderman, State Senator, rose to become ASSISTANT MAJORITY LEADER all with God's help not Doc Walls..I still have those shoes..
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They say politics make strange bedfellows. Its really odd how all this is playing out on social media and the backroom deals being made. Are these two men still credible relative to being invited to debates to discuss honesty, integrity, and moving Chicago forward? 

Has these two gentlemen, Willie Wilson and William "Dock" Walls not only taken the African American vote for granted but all of Chicago as well? Should these two men be banned from the remaining mayoral debates? Stay tuned... 

Jim Allen