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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who Are Chicago's Black Leaders In Activism?

Black/African American 
Leaders' in Activism 

the below list contain the 
names and rank of those who've 
shown extraordinary abilities 
in Community Organizing/Activism: 
creating, developing, and implementing 
community programs, plans, and agendas.  

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.
Omega Psi Phi,
Rainbow Push Coalition.

Min. Louis Farrakhan
Nation of Islam.

Rev. Marshall Hatch
Phi Beta Sigma,
The LEADERS Network,
Pastor of New Mt. Pilgrim M.B. Church.

Rev. Ira Acree
The LEADERS Network,
West Side Ministers Coalition,
Pastor of Greater St. John Bible Church.

Father Michael Pfleger
Pastor of St. Sabina Church.

Carol Adams
Former President of the Du Sable Museum,
former Director the Chicago Housing Authority.

Rev. Leon Finney
Pastor of Metropolitan Apostolic Church.

Rev. Al Sampson
Pastor of Fenwood United Methodist Church.

Diane Latiker
Kids Off The Block.
Chicago Mom Squad,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Bishop Larry Trotter
Sweet Holy Spirit Church.

Amara Enyia
Amara For Chicago,
Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Malcolm Crawford
Austin African American Business Association,
Sankofa Community Center.

Rev. Clarence Stowers
Alpha Phi Alpha, INC.,
Pastor of Mars Hill Baptist Church.

Kwesi Ronald Harris
Kappa Alpha Psi, INC.,
Director of African American Studies Chicago State University.

Tim King
Alpha Phi Alpha, INC.,
Founder of Urban Prep Academy.

Bishop Roosevelt Watkins
Alpha Phi Alpha, INC.,
Bethlehem Star M.B. Church.

Ronald Holt
Phi Beta Sigma, INC.,
Purpose Over Pain.

Pastor Corey Brooks
New Beginnings Church,
Project Hood.

Rev. Gregory Livingston
Uplift, Inc.,
Rainbow Push Coalition.

Mark Allen
Kappa Alpha Psi, INC.,
National Black Wall Street,
Rainbow Push Coalition.

Phillip Jackson
Founder of the Black Star Project.

Maze Jackson
Phi Beta Sigma, INC.,
Universal MazJac Enterprises, INC
Next Generation Leadership Council,
Executive Director of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus.

Wallace Gator Bradley
United In Peace, INC.,
Tha Movement University,
Rainbow Push Coalition.

Tio Hardiman
Violence Interrupters, NFP.

Pastor Chris Harris
Bright Star Church Chicago.

Carl West
MGM News Media,
Emerging Leaders Commission,
Young and Powerful PAC,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Karl Brinson
President of the West Side NAACP.

Bennie Lee
Professor at Northeastern University,
National Alliance for the Empowerment
for the Formerly Incarcerated.

Maureen Moe Forte
Executive President at
National Action Network Chicago Chapter.

Tenille Jackson
Chicago Mom Squad,
The Intelligence Group,
Young and Powerful PAC,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Janella Curtis
Project 21,
Manhood University,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Jerelyn Porch
Cocktails and Conversations,
Alpha Kappa Alpha,
Manhood University.

Sylvia Snowden
Six Brown Chicks,
Alpha Kappa Alpha,
Manhood University.

Lyndera Williams
Business Owner of Deep Cleaning, Ltd.,
St. Sabina Church,
Young Leaders Alliance,
Manhood University,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Marseil Jackson
Young and Powerful PAC,
Manhood University,
Next Generation Leadership Council,
Founder of Jackson Action Coalition.

Ameshia Cross
Young and Powerful PAC,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Brittney Gault
Rainbow Push Coalition,
Co/Founder of Occupy The Hood Chicago,
Emerging Leaders Commission.

Todd Walton
Rainbow Push Coalition,
The Black Mall,
Co/Founder of Emerging Leadership Commission,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Vau've Anais Davis
OfficialAnais PR,
Manhood University,
Next Generation Leadership Council,
Young and Powerful PAC.

Wendell Mosby
Rainbow Push Coalition,
Emerging Leaders Commission,
Young and Powerful PAC,
Next Generation Leadership Council,
Manhood University.

Reese LaFrances Purnell
The Elect Ladies,
Brother Speak Blogtalk Radio Show.

Jedidiah Brown
Young Leaders Alliance,
Pastor of Chosen Generation,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Jasmine Turner
Black Match

Ashley Aviyah
The Black Mall,
Rainbow Push Coalition,
Emerging Leaders Commission,
Money Mob,
Chicago Mom Squad.

Alicia Boughton-Shines
Sigma Gamma Rho,
Founder of Million Parent March Chicago.

David A. Peterson, Jr.
Museum 44,
The Black Mall,
A. Philip Randolph Museum,
United In Peace, INC.,
Next Generation Leadership Council.

Allyson Scrutchens
Founder of Forward Planning,
Next Generation Leadership Council,
Young and Powerful PAC,
Chicago Mom Squad,
Democratic Party of Oak Park.

Rev. Darius Randell
Rainbow Push Coalition,
DR Ministries,
Young Leaders Alliance,
National Action Network.

Cassiopeia Sledge
Money Mob,
Founder of The Black Mall,
Delta Sigma Theta,
Emerging Leaders Commission.

Nobel-Ameer Ali
United In Peace, INC.,
Nobel Global Dynamics,
Tha Movement University.

TeQuila Shabazz
Young and Powerful PAC.

Jim Allen
Rainbow Push Coalition,
Founder of Tha Movement University,
United In Peace, INC.,
Founder of Manhood University,
Ambassador of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago.

The above "rank titles" aren't exclusively military. The above titles are used in civilian life as well, for example: Lieutenant Governor, Surgeon General, General Manager, Sergeant-At-Arms within various civilians and non-profit organizations, ETC...


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black Lives Matter: What's Next?

Marching and protesting are wonderful ways to raise an awareness to certain issues and injustices. The Constitution of the United States of America gives all citizens of the United States of America the right to peaceably petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 

In light of the marches and protests we see around the Nation in response to two Grand Juries non-arrest of White Police officers who on two separate occasions killed unarmed Black men has sparked intense Race conversations and reactions. 

Its great to see Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Red folks marching and protesting in solidarity. It proves this movement isn't Black only even though the issue is exclusively centered around injustice for Blacks in America. Millions are marching; however, they lack direction as it relates to what should be done after the marching and protesting is over. 


Tha Movement University is clear...we must go from Arrests to Agendas, from Marches to Markets, from Rhetoric to Results, from Protests to Programs. We must commit to creating and/or supporting plans, programs, and agendas that uplift Black communities. 

We must commit to sacrificing our time and efforts to mentor at-risk Black boys and girls. Commit to building Black businesses (Strip Malls and Franchises) in our communities. Commit to creating re-entry programs and recidivism prevention programs. 

We cannot totally rely on Government or legislation to cure our plight. Black men and women must stand up and lead in our homes and communities. We must protect our communities from rapists, vicious drug lords, senseless gang violence. 

We must petition our Black rap artists to publicly value Black women and children. As we deal with White police officers killing unarmed Blacks we must also deal with Black on Black crime. If we're willing to march and protest in front of President Obama's house we must also be willing to march and protest in front of crack houses in Black communities. 

We must use this moment to re-evaluate the Black community as a whole and make necessary changes. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

A GREAT Church on the West Side of Chicago

please click all photos

There's a wonderful church on the West Side of Chicago called Greater St. John Bible Church. The Pastor is Rev. Ira J. Acree. Rev. Acree is one of the most prominent pastors of the West Side of Chicago and is well known for his ability to build strong men and families. 

Rev. Acree is also an Activist, his activism has changed the conditions of many communities of the West Side of Chicago. Rev. Acree is on the front lines fighting for at-risk youth/young adults as well as single family households while maintaining strong families and building strong men. Greater St. John Bible Church has been a blessing not only to the Austin community but indeed the entire West Side of Chicago directly and the City of Chicago as well. 

"...Church is more than just a place to go. 
It's a place to worship GOD, 
meet new friends and neighbors, 
enjoy great Gospel singing, hear the 
word of GOD for our lives. 
Church is necessary if you plan on living 
a whole and purposeful life".

Lives are being changed. Drug dealers and prostitutes have become working class citizens. Greater St. John Bible Church has been instrumental in awarding College Scholarships to members of the community. All are invited to attend Greater St. John Bible Church rather you're trying to turn your life around or if you're a professional looking for a great Church to attend centered around family and strong men. 

For those looking to fellowship and worship early you should consider attending the 8:30am Early Morning Service which is refreshing, awesome, upbeat, anointed, powerful, and has great praise and worship with an inspiring word from Rev. Acree. You'll have the rest of the day for yourself and your family. If you work on Sundays or want to attend service but still be able to make it home to watch football, I strongly suggest you attend the 8:30am Early Morning Service. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chicago Mayoral & Aldermanic (2014-15) Campaign HELP!

Starting candidates and incumbents push for the Election in February 2015, BOAZ Logistics stand ready to aide and assist. We deliver campaign materials and would love to work for you. We have proven experience so please do not hesitate to call us. Your business also helps us employ at-risk youth of whom we've trained in logistics and distribution. We also distribute for businesses as well. Lastly, we are NOT a political organization! We work for all no matter their political affiliation or aspiration. For a better view please click all photos below.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

ILLINOIS: Please Help Charlotta Blackman

Charlotta Blackman 

Not just Illinois but all with a heart for our young people. Please, we need you all in a big way. I'm humbly asking ALL to give $5 or more to this worthy cause as Charlotta Blackman raises funds to return back to school at Spelman College. Her debt is $8,465 and must be paid before she can return back to school. Lets band together and send this political scientist major back to Spelman. Please click the below LINK to donate:

Thank you so much!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meet the GREATEST Attorney in Illinois!

Brunell Donald-Kyei,
Attorney at Law

After surviving the 1985 murder of her mother and other abuses Brunell became a ward of the State of Illinois living in a group home, being homeless and feelings of abandonment. Brunell used her pain and turned it into purpose. She worked hard, prayed hard, and stayed in school. Her love for fairness and justice sparked her interest in law. 

Brunell Donald-Kyei, 

Brunell knew education was the key, thus she excelled in school. She graduated from Northern Illinois University, and The John Marshall Law School. She's a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, INC. Brunell Donald-Kyei is one of the most sought after attorneys in the State of Illinois. She's professional, caring, and compassionate. 

"...having a birds eye view as a ward of 
the State of Illinois Brunell could see 
the discrepancies within the 
justice system and wanted 
to do something about it!" 

Attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei has taken on some of the most high profile cases in the State of Illinois. She's a mentor to many, loving wife, and mother of 3 beautiful children. Her love for the State of Illinois caused her to be a candidate for Lt. Governor in 2014 which was the 1st time an African American man and woman were on the Democratic ticket. 

Brunell is hands-on with all of her cases and she pays close attention to detail, she comes highly recommended. If you're in need of a good lawyer that's respected and has a proven track record please contact the Law offices of Attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei. Below are the services provided: 

(State and Federal)
Criminal Law, Misdemeanor, Felony,
Traffic Law, Probate Law, Child Support. 

Brunell Donald-Kyei 
1430 N. Western 
Chicago, IL 60622

Be sure to use REF#316 for a special discount. 
Here to serve you with caring arms 
and an understanding heart!

Click the below link to purchase Brunell Donald-Kyei's book
Redemption: Through The Fire.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 Christmas TOY DRIVE for the kids of Shriners Hospital Chicago

(left to right)
Kally Walsh, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Jim and Daughter

Humbly asking ALL to please donate toys to the children/patients of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago. Please click the below photo for a better view of our "Wish List". No matter if you donate 1 gift or 10 gifts all will be greatly appreciated. Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago provides medical care for children suffering from an array of medical conditions small and large. We accept ALL insurance (Public Aid / MEDICAID).


Simply take your gift to the front desk, hand it in, sign the donation form (optional). Be sure to grab a few brochures about the hospital. Many thanks for your wonderful gift(s) to the children/patients of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago. 

Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago
2211 N. Oak Park AVE.
in Chicago, IL 

Jim Allen, Ambassador of 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago

Jacqueline T. Jackson, Organizer 
2014 Christmas TOY DRIVE for 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 

Ebony Welch, Organizer 
2014 Christmas TOY DRIVE for 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 

Ariel Rainey, Organizer 
2014 Christmas TOY DRIVE for 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 

Click the below LINK for more 
infomation about 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago