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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Who Is Minister Jim Allen?


Brief Autobiography of 
Minister Jim Allen
Activist, Blogger, MENtor, Businessman,
Lecturer, and Pediatric Medical Advocate.

Some have asked who is Minister Jim Allen and where does he hail?

Early Life:
I grew up in Chicago, spent time in various communities. I was raised in church at Bethlehem healing Temple 12 S. Oakley to be exact. My family used to live directly across the street from the church we attended. We then moved to the Lawndale community where we lived on Francisco just off of Roosevelt Road. In 1987 my family moved to Lawndale Gardens which is a housing project across the street from Cook County Jail. From 9 years old to 19 years old I grew up in between Little Village and Pilsen. I attended John Spry Elementary, but graduated from Nathaniel Pope. At around 13 years old I became interested in joining the Gangster Disciple Nation. I was sort of forced to join a gang due to my surroundings. For you see I could no longer freely walk to the General E. Woods Boys and Girls Club like I use to when I was 9 years old. The Latin Kings after jumping/punching me in the face told me I no longer had a pass to come in and out of their territory. Thus I considered joining the Gangster Disciples; however, they wouldn't allow me to sell drugs of which was one of the main reasons why I wanted to join. I wanted to make money. From 13 - 15 I worked odd jobs and summer jobs.
At 15 I joined the Traveler Vice Lord Nation. By age 16 I was selling drugs i.e. marijuana and crack cocaine. The Traveler Vice Lords then put me in charge of a drug operation in Rockwell Gardens building 2515 of which I declined after witnessing my body turn ice cold after the meeting. Can you imagine being 16 years old and over 100 gang members around you looking to you as the new COO of drug sales? Man, my body turned ice cold which was the second time it happened. The first time my body turned ice cold was when the Traveler Vice Lords initiated me in K-town. So when it happened the second time I took it as a sign of death. As a Vice Lord I was shot at on two different occasions and even ruffed up and robbed at gun point on a different occasion. Like many of my peers none of our fathers were in our lives. Our mothers did the best they could but at some point it became impossible to micromanage young Black fatherless teens in the early 1990's! Mind you I was a bright student. My grades didn't reflect my lifestyle. Not only were my grades good but I also made a double out of high school. By 17 years old I was broken, I felt like someone who lived 3 times my age. Dead childhood friends, some locked up in prison for life. I felt hopeless. I remember breaking down to my mom crying and her telling me "go to church!" Those words "go to church" changed my life.

Why did my mom respond "go to church?" Because she knew church was where I belonged. Its where I started out as a pew baby. My mom knew there were men in church able to aide and assist me and she was right! By the time I made it too church I was broken, 17 years old and struggling in college. Church completely turned my life around almost overnight! I made it my business to get close to my pastor who not only was my pastor but eventually became my best friend and a father figure. I also reconnected with men in church I knew since I was a kid. As I remained faithful to my church I was called to ministry and preached my first sermon in December 1996. I was licensed a minister in 1998 by my Pastor the late great Bishop Dr. A.C. Richards. As a minister I remember baptizing one of my gang chiefs who had heard about how church changed my life. I always tell people if you wanna change your life start by going to church.

After becoming a Minister I then began being active in my community. I was introduced to community activism by the late great Rev. Rosetta Henry. She taught me how to organize, how to implement programs, and how to write grants. From 1996-98 I served as a community activist within the Chicago Housing Authority Region III. Since then I've assisted many around the City of Chicago in developing and implementing community programs. For the last 10 years I've served as a Recreational Therapist and Ambassador for Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago where I've introduced many politicians such as Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the greatness of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago.
Kally Walsh, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, 
Min. Jim Allen and Daughter 

I do not hide from my past or present for they helped shape me into the man I am today. My early childhood was my Sparta even though I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I always say I'm living on borrowed time. I should of died in 1995, but GOD spared me therefore I will forever keep hope alive.

Assisted in stopping the robbing of seniors and women in Oak Park, Illinois. Click below LINK:

Named HOMETOWN HERO by 720AM theGospel. Click below LINK:

Many have asked "Hey Minister Jim Allen how can we sow a seed into your life?" 
Simple, just click the link below. Thank you all very much. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chicago Mayoral & Aldermanic (2014-15) Campaign HELP!

Starting candidates and incumbents push for the Election in February 2015, BOAZ Logistics stand ready to aide and assist. We deliver campaign materials and would love to work for you. We have proven experience so please do not hesitate to call us. Your business also helps us employ at-risk youth of whom we've trained in logistics and distribution. We also distribute for businesses as well. Lastly, we are NOT a political organization! We work for all no matter their political affiliation or aspiration. For a better view please click all photos below.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

ILLINOIS: Please Help Charlotta Blackman

Charlotta Blackman 

Not just Illinois but all with a heart for our young people. Please, we need you all in a big way. I'm humbly asking ALL to give $5 or more to this worthy cause as Charlotta Blackman raises funds to return back to school at Spelman College. Her debt is $8,465 and must be paid before she can return back to school. Lets band together and send this political scientist major back to Spelman. Please click the below LINK to donate:

Thank you so much!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meet the GREATEST Attorney in Illinois!

Brunell Donald-Kyei,
Attorney at Law

After surviving the 1985 murder of her mother and other abuses Brunell became a ward of the State of Illinois living in a group home, being homeless and feelings of abandonment. Brunell used her pain and turned it into purpose. She worked hard, prayed hard, and stayed in school. Her love for fairness and justice sparked her interest in law. 

Brunell Donald-Kyei, 

Brunell knew education was the key, thus she excelled in school. She graduated from Northern Illinois University, and The John Marshall Law School. She's a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, INC. Brunell Donald-Kyei is one of the most sought after attorneys in the State of Illinois. She's professional, caring, and compassionate. 

"...having a birds eye view as a ward of 
the State of Illinois Brunell could see 
the discrepancies within the 
justice system and wanted 
to do something about it!" 

Attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei has taken on some of the most high profile cases in the State of Illinois. She's a mentor to many, loving wife, and mother of 3 beautiful children. Her love for the State of Illinois caused her to be a candidate for Lt. Governor in 2014 which was the 1st time an African American man and woman were on the Democratic ticket. 

Brunell is hands-on with all of her cases and she pays close attention to detail, she comes highly recommended. If you're in need of a good lawyer that's respected and has a proven track record please contact the Law offices of Attorney Brunell Donald-Kyei. Below are the services provided: 

(State and Federal)
Criminal Law, Misdemeanor, Felony,
Traffic Law, Probate Law, Child Support. 

Brunell Donald-Kyei 
1430 N. Western 
Chicago, IL 60622

Be sure to use REF#316 for a special discount. 
Here to serve you with caring arms 
and an understanding heart!

Click the below link to purchase Brunell Donald-Kyei's book
Redemption: Through The Fire.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 Christmas TOY DRIVE for the kids of Shriners Hospital Chicago

(left to right)
Kally Walsh, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Jim and Daughter

Humbly asking ALL to please donate toys to the children/patients of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago. Please click the below photo for a better view of our "Wish List". No matter if you donate 1 gift or 10 gifts all will be greatly appreciated. Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago provides medical care for children suffering from an array of medical conditions small and large. We accept ALL insurance (Public Aid / MEDICAID).


Simply take your gift to the front desk, hand it in, sign the donation form (optional). Be sure to grab a few brochures about the hospital. Many thanks for your wonderful gift(s) to the children/patients of Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago. 

Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago
2211 N. Oak Park AVE.
in Chicago, IL 

Jim Allen, Ambassador of 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago

Jacqueline T. Jackson, Organizer 
2014 Christmas TOY DRIVE for 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 

Ebony Welch, Organizer 
2014 Christmas TOY DRIVE for 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 

Ariel Rainey, Organizer 
2014 Christmas TOY DRIVE for 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 

Click the below LINK for more 
infomation about 
Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Who Are The REAL Freemasons?

For a better view 
please click all photos

The question most outside of the lodge walls wanna know is what is Freemasonry? Contrary to movies, YouTube, and conspiracy theorists Freemasonry is no where near their fables and folklore. Freemasonry is a profession where men, and in certain Countries women as well take an OATH just as other professions such as judges, lawyers, doctors, police officers, and politicians including the President of the United of America.

...Women have been serving as Freemasons in
various Countries since the 1770's." Please
click link:

Why are prestigious men such as judges, lawyers, and doctors members of Freemasonry/Masonic Order? Because it's a positive code of conduct and way of life. Freemasonry is a moral guide. One cannot be a Freemason unless s/he believes in GOD! An atheist (cannot) be a Freemasonry which is why many of them are the main spreader of lies and fables concerning Freemasonry.

The GOD of Freemasonry is found in (Genesis 1:1). To the Freemason GOD is an architect, thus we refer to GOD as the GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE. For by the word and hand of GOD he created all things including the big bang (Genesis 2:2). Because GOD is an architect each Freemason is taught to be an architect and builder as well as it relates to moral conduct.

The ancient builders known as Stonemasons are the fathers of the Freemasons. The ancient Stonemasons had certain handshakes, languages, passwords, and tools they used that allowed another Stonemason to understand his particular status or degree. The 1st erection of a building by Stonemasons can be found in (Genesis 11:1-9) to the Freemasons Nimrod was a Mason and employed 60,000 men to build Ninevah and the Tower to Heaven. Nimrod was the son of Cush of the Black race (Genesis 10:8-10).

In the Master Mason's bible it clearly states the Egyptians thought the world was an oblong square, their faith was a belief in life everlasting. The Egyptians were believed to be excellent Stonemasons and have confused the world as it relates to how they built the pyramids. By the time the Hebrews were delivered by GOD from the oppression of the Egyptians and 400 years of slavery, there arose a man named Moses who was skilled in ALL the wisdom of the Egyptians (Acts 7:22) including Stonemasonry. It was upon stone GOD gave Moses the TEN COMMANDMENTS (Exodus 20:1-7).

By the time of King David and his son King Solomon of whom built GOD an earthly temple, the Stonemasons were in high demand. At the building of King Solomon's temple were 3 men of beauty, wisdom, and strength. These 3 men were Hiram of Abiff (Beauty), King Hiram of Tyre (Strength), and King Solomon (Wisdom) which can be found in (I Kings 5:1) (1 Kings 7:13-14). These great men oversaw the craft work of Stonemasons as they built King Solomon's temple which took 7 years to build and lasted for about 380 years.

Even Jesus the Christ was a builder, he also told Peter upon this ROCK/STONE I will build my church (Matthew 16:18). The Apostle Paul picks it up and calls himself a wise MASTERBUILDER (1 Corinthians 3:10) which can be interpreted as a wise Master Mason for a Mason is a Builder.

Min. Jim Allen, Master Mason 

The ancient Stonemasons were believers in GOD for they contributed their skill in building as a gift from GOD the grand builder. The ancient Stonemasons passed down certain verbal secrets and information to each generation of Stonemasons. Many desired to be members of the Stonemasons because of their ability to build whole villages and structures and because of their tight knit brotherhood. The Stonemasons and their knowledge was adopted by the Knights Templars. The Knights Templars were a religious order who worked as guilds for those travelling back and forth to the holy land from Europe.

The Knights Templars discovered the secrets of Stonemasonry and were initiated by various Monks during their travels from Europe to the Middle East which they swore an OATH not to reveal. As years went on the Knights Templars amassed millions of dollars as travel guilds for the Pope of Rome and the King of France which caused envy, fear, and jealousy! The Pope of Rome and the King of France secretly ordered the Knights Tempalrs to be arrested and executed under bogus circumstances in an attempt to take their wealth. However not all the Knights Templars were executed and not all of their money was stolen. They hid a lot of their secrets and money. Click this link:

Grand Master of the Knights Templars
Jaques DeMolay being burned alive 
by the King of France and the Pope of Rome.

Although the King of France and the Pope of Rome thought they wiped out all the Knights Templars, they didn't. It's important to note the Knights Templars were the first bankers, they were the first to develop a banking system of loans and credits. Some Masonic scholars even say the Knights Templars go as far back as the times of Christ as members of the Essenes. The Knights Templars remained underground for years and resurrected themselves as the Freemasons.

They used the term FREE because they weren't Stonemasons. They used the term Masons in honor to the Stonemasons craft, secrets of building and brotherhood. Thus a Freemason is a Monk, Knights Templar and Builder. A Monk because of his strict religious/moral code of conduct. A Knights Templar because of their sacrifice of death before dishonor. A builder in honor of the Stonemasons. The Freemason uses the tools of the Stonemasons to not only build his mind, body, and spirit but to spread brotherly love among all (Psalm 133).

A Freemason is a scientist, scholar, mentor, minister, freethinker, alchemist, astrologer, astronomer. A Freemason is a traveler for there are degrees within Freemasonry 1- 33 to be exact; however, the Master Mason's bible states "...After you become a Master Mason, no matter what added Masonic honor may come to you, no matter how high you may rise in the symbolic branches of the order, if you keep your vows as a Master Mason you have attained all there is, fulfilled all there is and received that fraternity and brotherhood, existing under a common impulse, can dispense among those who embrace the laws and edicts of a common procedure. Masonry, after all, is but a rule for orderly righteousness".

Before you can become a Master Mason you must first be initiated as an Entered Apprentice. Notice the term Entered Apprentice which means you are being initiated into an Order that's about work. And what is the work/profession of the Freemasons? Is it not the building of man and society with the tools of life? Of course! We are moral, spiritual, as well as physical builders. Our degree system is better than ever encompassing the knowledge of the ancient Stonemasons, Monks, Knights Templars and our intense study of ancient kingdoms and world events.

Yes, I'm a Master Mason yet for me the most important Masonic degree is the 1st degree which is the Entered Apprentice degree for it is the foundation of all of Masonry. Without the 1st degree you can't build onward and upward! My friends this is why Presidents and Kings are Freemasons because it gives a moral and spiritual code of ethics. Its a degree system unto righteousness!

You may ask "well how do I become a Freemason?" The first question is are you prepared to live a certain lifestyle that is positive, structured, and uplifting? Can you abide by the Masonic Creed?
Freemasonry teaches the universal principles of unselfish friendship and promotes those percepts which are in keeping with all great faiths. In pursuing this doctrine, the following, though not exclusive, is considered to be basic: Masonic Beliefs:
1) Mankind was created by one GOD.
2) This one GOD is the author of all life.
3) GOD'S existence is revealed to man through faith and the Book of Holy Scriptures.
4) The Book of Holy Scriptures is the ultimate authority or great light of Freemasonry.
5) The soul of man is immortal.
6) Man's commitment to Divine Providence determines his destiny.
7) Man's reverence for GOD is best exemplified by his actions toward his fellow man.
If you believe the above and is willing to live the above then you are the perfect candidate for the Masonic Order known as Freemasonry! Simply contact a lodge that isn't to far from your home I'd say not over 8 miles, or close enough to take public transportation. There's a Masonic phrase that says 2 B 1, ASK 1

Too my friends who are already Freemasons...for me a Mason is a Mason, is a Mason! I can careless of your charter or when it was received because none of us have a charter from King Solomon and the other two wise men! Just as it's foolish to tell a Catholic he's not a CHRISTIAN because he's not Baptist is the same wind of telling someone they're not a MASON because they aren't apart of this or that Grand Lodge! That's not the original intent of Freemasonry! I, Jim Allen honor all those who have the grip, pass, and knowledge of a Freemason rather active or non-active. You can't undo a baptism, nor can you undo an initiation!  

The REAL Freemasons are those who use the tools of the Stonemasons and the courage of the Knight Templars to better themselves and their communities. We are NOT devil worshipers! Lucifer/Satan is not our god! If you are apart of any organization that worships Lucifer then you are a Luciferian, not a FREEMASON! If you are apart of any organization that worships Satan then you are a Satanists, not a FREEMASON! For Freemasons worship the Creator, not the creation!

Min. Jim Allen, Master Mason

The Unfair (ATTACK) on Rev. Brooks and Rev. Meeks

Since it's inception the Black church in the United States of America has always been involved in American politics. It was Methodist and Baptist ministers serving as abolitionists and civil rights leaders who gave their blood, sweat, and tears for African Americans to not only be emancipated from slavery but to gain civil rights as well. Black ministers are directly responsible for changing the moral fabric of America.

Great Black ministers such as Richard Allen (1760 - 1831) a minister, educator, writer, activist, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Great Black ministers such as Hiram Rhodes Revels (1827 - 1901) AME Minister, Republican and the 1st African American to serve in the United States Senate. Even Fredrick Douglas used bible scriptures in his oratory thwarts slavery, click this link:

More recent great Black ministers who fought for civil rights and were involved in American politics is of course Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (1929 - 1968) and Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr (1941 - Present). The point is the Black church has always served as the foundation, the model, the blueprint, and the LANDMARK of Black/African American social, educational, economical, and political progress...that must never change.

I stated the above as a historical fact and reference as it relates to modern day Black ministers and their involvement in local and national politics. In Illinois just a few days ago we had an intense campaign for Governor which included the incumbent (now) former Governor Pat Quinn squaring off against the virgin candidate (now) Governor-elect Bruce Rauner. The campaign was tense and at times ugly...well, probably ugly through and through. It went down as the most expensive campaign for Governor in Illinois history.

Please forgive me, I'm not going to attempt to discuss the candidates views on various topics facing the State because it would be bias seeing that I'm a Bruce Rauner supporter; however, my focus within this particular post is centered around the Black ministers involved which is why I opened this post with the history of Black ministers and their involvement in politics.

Many of the Black ministers in Illinois were supporting Pat Quinn of whom they've supported for years. A few pastors (maybe a handful) supported Bruce Rauner, no big deal...right? Wrong! The pastors who supported Bruce Rauner came under heavy fire, most notably Rev. Corey Brooks and Rev. James Meeks. After the election which was only 2 days ago (November 4, 2014) Rev. Brooks and Rev. Meeks were viciously attacked on social media simply because the guy they supported i.e. Bruce Rauner won is now the Governor-elect of Illinois.

I refuse to mention the awful names these two great men were called but trust and believe it wasn't pretty. Rev. Brooks and Meeks to this very day are still being called vulgar names. I fully understand politics is a contact sport, but the game-play within this particular race has gotten extremely out of control. Many emotional and spiritual casualties, many friendships have been broken and for what? Because a few pastors decided to deviate from the status quo and support a Republican in a Blue state?

" some point we must learn to vote 
the (person) not the (party) label!"

Many members of various churches most of whom were aligned with Pat Quinn started asking "why are pastors involved in politics?" Even the Chicago Sun-Times posted an article about Pastors and politics. Nevertheless, as I stated above Black ministers have a historical right to be involved in politics and that should never change. At the end of the day no one should be called UNCLE TOM, SELLOUT or COON because of who they decide to support. No one should have their lives threatened or their churches broken into because of who they decide to support! That's called voter intimidation and is illegal, this isn't the 1950's!

Its interesting because the "Clergy for Quinn" collectively got together and held a Gospel Extravaganza/GET OUT THE VOTE RALLY on October 26, 2014 yet no one is calling them sellouts for supporting Quinn. No one is saying Pat Quinn paid the pastors listed on the flier below to influence their members to vote for him even though it SEEMS that's what the below flier suggest!


The real reasons why the old guard is so upset over Pat Quinn losing is because its a reflection on their leadership to a degree. That isn't to say Pat Quinn's loss or Bruce Rauner's victory hinged on Black votes from church folks, but it is to say the old guard Black leaders are losing their influence. New Black leaders such as Rev. James Meeks and Rev. Corey Brooks have arisen. I use the term (new) for lack of a better word because these men already have household names, so (new) as an being a Leader of Leaders.

It's one thing to be a leader, its another thing to be a leader of leaders. Rev. Meeks and Brooks have become leader of leaders. They've shifted the balance of power in Black Illinois. It's now on them to create, develop, and implement the Black agenda and present it too Governor-elect Bruce Rauner.

300 African American clergy supported Pat Quinn, should we call those men SELLOUTS or does that silly label only apply to those who support Republicans? Please click below link to read an article about the 300 African American clergy who campaigned for Governor Pat Quinn.'re-backing-Quinn/

Hopefully we can recover from all this silliness and name calling. Hopefully Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., will convene a meeting at Rainbow Push Coalition and stop the madness! Hopefully some of the bitter pastors upset at their guy losing will humbly ask their members not to disrespect Rev. Brooks and Meeks or anyone for that matter relative to their voting decision. Hopefully some of the pastors themselves will hold their tongues and lead by example. Black Illinois simply needs a lot of HOPE!

But even so we must continue to move forward. This shift is permanent, it's time to get to work. New times, new leadership, new opportunities. PEACE!