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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How To Start A Gang Violence Prevention PROGRAM!

I've been creating, developing and implementing youth/young adult programs for years. Below I break down how to start a youth/gang violence prevention program or initiative with proven results. Follow the steps below, also be sure to humbly ask your elected officials for free passes and tickets to various events for your group. You just never know... 

One year I was given free passes to the Shedd Aquarium for my youth group. Another year I was given free passes to Brookfield Zoo. For 4 years in a row my youth group was given thousands of free tickets to WNBA Chicago Sky Basketball games of which we also freely shared with various churches and youth groups on the West and South Sides of Chicago. Trust me, it works! Click the below image... LETS GET TOO WORK! 


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's (YOUR) Solution To Youth/Gang Violence In Chicago?

Many are looking to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other city, county and state officials to provide a solution to youth/gang violence in Chicago; however, Tha Movement University wants to know "what is (YOUR) solution to youth/gang violence in Chicago?" 

Its evident some politicians didn't grow up in systemic poverty or had to dodge bullets while going to school, playing in the park, or standing in front of their homes. I'm starting to think some of our politicians, especially those who didn't grow up in urban ares simply don't understand the roots causes, residual side effects of youth/gang violence in Chicago.

That isn't to say they don't have great ideas relative to stopping or greatly reducing violence in Chicago, but it is to say they don't fully comprehend the sectarian violence that comes with the terrain. In other words it wouldn't be wise to drop a Harvard graduate of economics in the Middle East to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. You'd need someone skilled and trained in foreign affairs and the history thereof for such a monstrous task. 

The Mayor of Chicago is focusing on stopping the flow of guns into Chicago, however, the City Council recently approved conceal carry in Chicago...sounds a bit like an oxymoron, nevertheless as American citizens we have the right to bear arms, thus conceal carry is constitutional when put in perspective. Any wise community leader knows its not productive to knock the Mayor or Governor for (their) solutions as it relates to thwarting youth/gang violence in Chicago. Who knows, they're probably doing the best they can with what they have. 

But lets put the Mayor, Governor, Police Superintendent aside and ask ourselves what is the Black Community's AGENDA, PROPOSAL and PROGRAM to stop youth/gang violence among our sons, daughters, cousins, nieces and nephews? How do we as a community deal with this issue outside of waiting on others to find solutions to a problem our children are perpetuating? Do we start by dealing with: GANGS, GUNS, DRUGS, MISUSE OF SOCIAL MEDIA, GANGSTER RAP MUSIC? 

Tell me whats your AGENDA, PROGRAM, PROPOSAL besides waiting on the great white hope to save you? Don't get it twisted, I love me some White folks, but gang violence prevention in Chicago must be spearheaded by Black leaders and assisted by ALL of will help us out this rut and national shame! 

Therefore I ask, WHAT'S (YOUR) SOLUTION TO YOUTH/GANG VIOLENCE IN CHICAGO? Do you know how to create, develop and implement a program, proposal or agenda? If President Barack Obama came up to you and said "I've been hearing about the violence in Chicago, what can I do to help turn the tide?" What would you say? Would you have a proposal, agenda or program to give him or would you say I don't know Mr. President but you need to do something? You just failed the test, the President asked you what can he do and you didn't have an answer, agenda, proposal, program or even a bullet point flash card to submit to him. 

My friends, the Civil Rights leaders of the 50's and 60's had an agenda, program, purpose and proposals that led to the 1964 Civil Rights ACT! Stop begging the government for a solution, no, you take the solution to the government and demand they support your AGENDA, PROPOSAL, PROGRAM! You can't lead the people if you don't have an agenda, proposal or program to submit on the people's behalf! 

"...lets go from rhetoric to results, 
from marching to markets, from protests to programs!"  

jim allen

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Kids Off the Block recently closed the doors of their community center due to financial difficulties. Kids Off the Block is operated by Diane Latiker a nationally recognized CNN and BET heroe fighting thwarts violence in Chicago, please click below links: 

We're asking ALL near and far to please click the below LINK and support Kids Off the Block. This program is desperately needed in Chicago. Many thanks for your contribution. 

jim allen

2014 / Who Are Chicago's BLACK Leaders?

Where are Chicago's Black leaders?! The Black leadership of Chicago isn't doing anything for the community is what those who aren't in the mix and are disconnected are saying. Of course if you're not in the mix and disconnected it seems there isn't any Black leadership in Chicago; however, looks can be deceiving. 

Below is a list of Chicago's BLACK leadership. It's our hope those on the outside will stop acting as free agents/free radicals and join one or more of the Black leadership organizations, initiatives or groups listed below. 

Please click LINK:

Please click LINK:

Please click LINK:

Please click both LINKS: and 

Please click LINK:

Please click LINK:

Please click LINK:

And a list of Black politicians providing leadership as well as Pastors! Contact your Alderman and join their Democratic Ward Organizations! Contact your States Representatives and Senators and join their Task Forces and Initiatives! 

Illinois House Legislative Black Caucus 
click below LINK:

Chicago Alderman Black Caucus 
click below LINK: 


Until you have joined and worked with ALL the above and can't find any solutions is when you have the right to say there is no Black leadership in Chicago! Until then be silent, humble yourself, stop reinventing the wheel and become a true TEAM player. 

Be sure too click all photos 
for a better VIEW!

jim allen 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Has 1390AM Blackballed Rev. Charles Jenkins?

Pastor Charles Jenkins 

April of 2014 a story and nude photo of Pastor Charles Jenkins appear all over the Internet shaking the Christian world to its core. Not again, not another Pastor caught in a scandal is what many were hoping and praying, but it was. This time it was Rev. Charles Jenkins a prominent Pastor on the South Side of Chicago.

His song AWESOME won all kinds of awards including a Grammy, but as the saying goes "no good deed goes unpunished" in other words when good is done, the devil is ever present to accuse and punish the doers of good. Rev. Jenkins is yet fighting for his life relative to building trust from his congregation and friends in ministry.

THE QUESTION however is has 1390AM blackballed Rev. Charles Jenkins song "Awesome?" If you listen too 1390AM like I do and I do quite'll discover the song Awesome hasn't been played in a few months. Seems like right after the scandal 1390AM stopped the song from it's playlist. Below is 1390AM playlist, you'll notice Awesome isn't in rotation anymore. Please click below LINK:

But why - why stop playing a song that has blessed THOUSANDS of people throughout the Country? Are the staff and management disappointed in the right Reverend, if so should a personal feeling about someone be just cause not to play such a powerful song? If the man's wife and family has forgiven him then who the hell are we not too forgive him?

It's not right and it's not fair! Total hypocrisy, Tha Movement University demand the song AWESOME be put back in 1390AM playlist!

jim allen   

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chicago Police Lost It's Morale?

Morale- the confidence, enthusiasm and discipline of a person or group at a particular time.

In early 2011 Mayor Rahm Emanuel hired Garry McCarthy (a veteran officer of the New York and Newark Police Departments) to head the Chicago Police Department as it's highest ranking officer, Superintendent. Since Mr. McCarthy's time in office homicides seemed to decline until several news agencies reported those numbers were manipulated and homicides were classified as other types of crimes thus theoretically dropping the homicide rate.

Tha Movement University talked with a few Chicago police officers who didn't want to be named and what we discovered was startling to say the least. According to some of the officers we spoken to the morale of Chicago police officers are at an all time low. "You thought our morale was down under Jody Weiss, well, it's ten times that under Garry" is what one officer said with tears in his eyes.

From what we were told, Mr. McCarthy's pressure and almost superhuman high demand of district commanders is extremely stressful causing commanders to in turn put those same superhuman demands on Sergeants and Beat Officers. Officers claimed of being at the brink of committing suicide and suffering from PTSD due to their rigorous inhumane treatment.

"In sports when a team isn't performing 
the team isn't fired, the coach is usually fired".

"We're not allowed to talk to the press about how we feel. We can't show emotions or the public we'll think we are weak, but on the inside officers are mentally and physically suffering" is what another officer said. Of course we all know being a Chicago police officer isn't for the faint of heart. One has to be tough and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice on a daily basis.

I asked a couple officers would Al Wysinger be a better choice? They all agreed yes! The reason they agreed Al Wysinger would be a better choice is because he has the respect of Chicago police personnel, he also has experience as a district commander which gives him a certain insight of the terrain. "Al Wysinger knows how to move resources from one district to the next, he knows how to deal with dissident officers. He's one of us" an officer said.

So why wont the Mayor of Chicago hire a Superintendent from the ranks of the Chicago Police Department, why continue to hire outsiders who have no human resource skills relative to paying his dues and coming up through the ranks of the Chicago Police Department? The answer is startling, Tha Movement University was told the Chicago Police Department is under FEDERAL investigation due to inside corruption of cops working for street gangs, John Burge fiasco, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Click below LINKS:

My friends, the Chicago Police Department may never have one of their own as Superintendent due to decades of corruption (not by all cops) but by enough to the degree the Department remains under federal investigation and until the investigation is over Superintendents' for the Chicago Police Department will continue to be outsiders of whom federal investigators feel aren't tainted by corruption.

Nevertheless, at the risk of low morale and Superintendents who lack the respect of district commanders and officers is one hell of a risk to take! After two outsiders as Superintendent I think it's time federal investigators re-examine this practice. Every organization, department, agency, etc., are gonna have corrupt and dissident employees; however, in the case of the Chicago Police Department it's a difficult case to sort out. If the Mayor of Chicago desires to see homicide rates plummet pragmatically, than Al Wysinger a man free of corruption and vice should be the next Chicago Police Department's Superintendent. He'll reform and reinvigorate the Chicago Police Department which will restore respect for Chicago police officers among themselves and in neighborhoods and communities.  

jim allen 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who SHOT Pastor Jedidiah Brown?

Pastor Jedidiah Brown

Late July 7, 2014 a post appears on Pastor Jedidiah Brown's facebook page that he'd been shot and taken to the hospital. The person who posted the post said he wasn't Jedidiah, but that he had his phone. After the post many started crying and praying for Pastor Brown's health and well being. Prayers, concerns and comments were pouring in left and right until early afternoon July 8, 2014.

Was Pastor Brown dead, was he gravely injured, could he speak? These were the questions from thousands of supporters of Pastor Jedidiah Brown and his Village Take Back Movement only to find out hours later he wasn't dead nor was he shot. According to Pastor Brown he was shot at and according to Pastor Brown's right hand man and general within the Young Leaders Alliance Rev. Darius Randle it was an assassination attempt on Pastor Jedidiah Brown's life.

(Left to Right) 
Father Michael Pfleger and Rev. Darius Randle

But who would want to assassinate Pastor Brown and why? Pastor Jedidiah Brown is running for Alderman in the 5th Ward and things are heating up in that Ward between Pastor Brown's supporters and Alderman Hairston's supporters, but would the Alderman send goons to kill Pastor Brown? Of course not, that's a movie script at was there a hit on Pastor Brown or was his envoy simply caught in crossfire of rivaling gangs /or/ as some are asking was this entire ordeal made up?

According to Pastor Brown's handlers his envoy was shot at in Humboldt Park. We still don't know around what time were they shot at. If we knew what time we could ask the Police Department do they have any records of shots being fired in Humboldt Park at such and such a time, place and area? The vagueness of this ordeal is raising a lot of skepticism. People are demanding answers, for they feel they were mislead and hoodwinked to a degree. People feel there's a lot of duplicity within the attempt assassination and they feel its a political publicity stunt.